Thermostat Installation Service

If your home’s temperature is unpredictable and you can’t control it, your thermostat may be the issue! Aire Serv® provides thermostat repair and replacement services designed to help you take control of your home’s temperature.

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Our Thermostat Services

Thermostat troubles? Rely on your local Aire Serv. We offer all-encompassing thermostat services for both standard and smart units.

Each service begins with an inspection where a member of our team will assess your thermostat and the HVAC components it’s connected to. After determining the source of the issue, and considering your HVAC goals, we’ll recommend repair or replacement.

Thermostat Repair

Whenever possible, our teams will work to repair your existing thermostat. While thermostats that are very old or inappropriate for your space should be replaced, it is possible that thermostats that are misfiring or broken may be adjusted to better heat and cool your home.

Thermostat Replacement

Thermostat replacement is necessary for broken thermostats, but also popular among homeowners looking to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of their home. New thermostat technologies (smart thermostats) allow for greater control, programming, and dynamic heating and cooling controls.

Common Problems with Thermostats

At Aire Serv, we have seen it all when it comes to repairing thermostats, but some issues are more common than others. Here are the most common problems with thermostats that we repair:

  • Low or dead batteries. When batteries are low, it can cause your heating and cooling system to not function properly. We recommend replacing the batteries routinely. Check your owner’s manual to see how often batteries should be replaced or let the professionals at Aire Serv handle it for you.
  • Thermostat location. Where your thermostat is located is important for even heating and cooling in your home. The thermostat may measure the temperature in one area of the home, but not the rest. Having your thermostat installed by an expert is important to ensure it is in the correct location for proper heating and cooling.
  • Sensors need to be recalibrated. The internal sensors are there to make sure the thermostat gets an accurate temperature reading. Over time, these sensors may change from factory calibration—providing inaccurate readings.
  • Loose wires. If a thermostat has not been installed properly, the wiring may be loose, causing a variety of issues. This may also affect the display on digital thermostats, causing them to not work properly and leaving you unable to adjust the temperature in your home.

Find Thermostat Repair Near Me

Don’t let a faulty thermostat keep you from being comfortable in your home. Trust the experts at Aire Serv to handle your thermostat repair and replacement needs. Call us or request an appointment online for thermostat services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my thermostat not working properly?

There are several factors that can lead to a broken thermostat. To pinpoint the issue, we recommend having an expert examine your thermostat to make sure it gets repaired properly.

Why is my heat on when the thermostat is off?

It’s likely that there is a disruption in the signal between your HVAC system and your thermostat. Contact your local Aire Serv for a full diagnosis and thermostat repair services.

How low should I set my thermostat at night?

Ultimately, this depends on your preferences. However, there are temperature ranges that are considered “ideal” for people, pets, vacations, and more.

My HVAC system isn’t cycling properly. Can the thermostat be the problem?

Yes, in many cases it is an issue with the thermostat not working. Here are a few common signs your thermostat is broken:

  • Your home never reaches the set temperature.
  • The heating and cooling system won’t turn on.
  • The A/C and furnace don’t cycle properly.
  • The thermostat frequently resets, losing temperature settings.

Can you tell me how to fix my thermostat?

Without knowing what exactly needs to be repaired on your thermostat, it’s difficult to provide instructions to fix it. Repairs vary depending upon the make and model, each requiring specific knowledge of the product to ensure it is properly fixed. 

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