Commercial Humidifier Repair and Replacement

Poor humidity levels in your commercial space isn’t a good thing. Buildings that are too humid, can develop mould and water damage. Conversely, a commercial space that is too dry can lower air quality, cause skin irritations, and increase static electricity in the air.

A commercial humidifier can play a critical role in helping create a stable, healthy indoor environment. Balancing the humidity in your commercial space is the key to protecting your team, customers, and equipment.

How Humidifiers Can Save You Money

One of the main perks of a clean, comfort HRV is lower heating costs.bills each winter. Although a humidifier is not designed to warm the room, water vapour tends to hold more heat than dry air. While it might seem indistinguishable, you can feel this heat on your skin.

When the environment feels comfortable and warm, you can lower the thermostat a degree or two and save money on your energy costs. Lowering your thermostat one degree over an eight hour period can save up to one percent on your heating bills, which, over time, can amount to significant savings for your commercial space.

Here are some other benefits of commercial humidifiers to consider:

  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Helps reduce airborne allergens.
  • Help lower heating costs.

A balanced humidity level makes it more difficult for airborne viruses to spread. Hair and skin look and feel better when the humidity is balanced. This is especially important for people with a skin condition or sensitive skin. Humidifiers also help reduce the risk of damage to wooden furniture, floorboards, and door frames.

When Your Furnace Humidifier is Not Working

Although commercial humidifiers are designed for extensive usage, they still require regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Routine maintenance will identify and resolve issues like, a damaged power cord, defective thermostat, or other problems. On occasion, a humidifier will continue to run without adding moisture to the space. If the humidifier is newly installed, this This may indicate the humidifier is not the right size for the space. It could also indicate a mechanical problem, like a broken fan motor bearing.

If your furnace humidifier is not working, count on the local experts at Aire Serv to diagnose the issue fast. We use our years of experience to provide the quickest, most effective repairs possible to reduce downtime for your business. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs to ensure you receive the service you need, when you need it.

Consider a Maintenance Plan

Preventative maintenance can go a long way to keep your humidifier in the best condition possible. Our humidifier service professionals can provide full-service care and upkeep to optimize efficiency. We’ll perform a top-to-bottom inspection and maintenance of your humidification system, give you insight into the system’s condition, and make any recommendations to keep it running efficiently all year long. These annual appointments can help improve performance and minimize the risk of emergency repairs.

Between maintenance appointments, it’s important to keep your humidifier filters clean. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, this may require you to occasionally rinse the filter, remove the water tank, and scrub away any deposits. If you’re unsure how best to maintain your humidifier, an Aire Serv professional can advise you on humidifier best practices.

Call Aire Serv for Your Humidifier Repair

Have questions about commercial humidifier filter replacement, repairs or maintenance? Contact the professionals at your local Aire Serv today to learn how we can meet your needs.

Our team is more than happy to inspect your commercial space to determine whether a commercial humidifier service is necessary. We’ll also work with you to find the humidifier that suits your commercial space and budget.

To speak with our team now, call us or schedule an appointment online today for commercial humidifier installation, maintenance or repairs.

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