Commercial Geothermal Heating and Cooling Repair and Replacement

If you’re searching for expert service professionals, quality workmanship, and excellent customer service, count on your local Aire Serv team. Using only the very best equipment, our trained professionals keep up with the latest technological advances, like geothermal heating and cooling. Ground source or water source heat pumps are some of the most efficient means of cooling and heating currently available. Our commitment to researching and implementing industry best practices gives us an upper hand when servicing your geothermal heating system.

The Aire Serv team can provide business owners with the highest quality of work because  we offer ongoing training opportunities to our HVAC professionals. This ensures they provide the very best geothermal heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and inspection services. When you call on our team for help, you have complete peace of mind knowing the job will be done to the highest standards. Whether you require urgent support or are just curious about geothermal heating costs to install, Aire Serv has the answers.

Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Services

Geothermal heating systems use the natural ground temperature to aid in the heating and cooling of your business. These systems are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, quiet, and safe. A vertical loop is typically drilled down deep in the ground. Piping is placed in these holes, and liquid is pumped through them. That liquid is naturally warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer.

We’re all familiar with the air temperature variations that occur throughout the year, but most people don’t realize that the Earth’s ground temperature stays relatively constant. Predictable temperature is what makes geothermal heating systems possible. The systems we install and service rely on the ground temperature as its main energy source to heat or cool your commercial space.

Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

Commercial geothermal heating systems work on one simple principle: by moving heat from one place to another via refrigeration, a space can be heated or cooled. In a commercial building, heat pumps remove heat from an energy supply source below ground. The heat pump concentrates the low-grade heat and raises its temperature before transferring it to the energy distribution system via a heat exchanger. In the summer months, the process is reversed. Heat pumps collect heat from the building and deposit it into the ground loop, providing cooler temperatures throughout the space.

Commercial heat pumps can be installed in a wide variety of buildings. As geothermal heating systems have grown in popularity, the installation process has become standardized. Essentially, a geothermal heat pump needs a collector system to function. Similar to a water well pump, this heat pump must be connected back to a source. In most cases, this is a vertical borehole loop located beneath a nearby parking lot. The heat is removed from the loop field and transferred back to the building by heat pumps.

The heating is often delivered by large-scale, radiant in-floor heating. Cooling is delivered by hydronic fan coils. The design of the ground loop and distribution system and the size of the heat pumps can be customized to your building’s specific layout and needs, ensuring that geothermal heat pump thermostats work efficiently in any space.

Commercial Geothermal HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to be informed about geothermal heat pump maintenance before committing to such a system. These systems typically need to be serviced twice annually to maintain peak efficiency.

While geothermal systems draw and deposit heat differently than standard heat pumps, they require a similar air handler and blower system to distribute air. There are powerful blower motors in the indoor components. These must be regularly cleaned, lubricated, and tuned up in order to operate properly and efficiently. The ventilation system and ground loops also require routine inspections and maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency.

Chemical flushes are often required to keep ground loops clean. Regular inspections can help detect and minimize the impact of an antifreeze leak. With the right geothermal heat pump maintenance plan in place, your loops can operate efficiently for up to 50 years.

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