Commercial Furnace Repair Service

If your office is experiencing an Ice Age due to a broken furnace, employee migration to a warmer climate could be next! Don’t let your productivity suffer because of a malfunctioning furnace — call for licensed commercial furnace repairs from Aire Serv® to get your office comfortable again.

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping business owners with all their commercial HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance services. The comfort of your employees and customers is very important. So when you’re looking for commercial furnace repair near me, count on the experts at your local Aire Serv to get the job done right.

Common Commercial Furnace Problems

Your commercial furnace may need repair for any number of issues. Although some repairs may seem easy to put off, the consequences are hard to ignore. Over time, a broken furnace could cause more serious safety issues than just a frigid environment.

Most commercial furnace repair calls are related to a furnace that won’t start. If you have a programmable thermostat, begin by checking to see that it’s functioning properly. If the screen is blank, you may need to replace the batteries. If the thermostat turns on, be sure it’s set to heating and not cooling. Adjust the temperature up a few degrees to see if the system kicks on. It’s also worth checking to make sure the pilot light is lit. If it’s out, the furnace won’t start. You can try re-lighting it or call a service professional for assistance.

A furnace that isn’t providing warm air is another common reason for emergency commercial furnace repair. Clogged air filters are often to blame. Swap out your old filter for a brand-new one and see if the issue is resolved. Also, be sure to clear your vents of any debris or obstructions. Ductwork can also become blocked or obstructed, resulting in restricted airflow. An inspection of your system may also reveal broken seals, which can cause warm air to leak out and make your system work harder. Sealing these leaks will improve the efficiency of your furnace and help reduce heating costs.

Of course, not all furnace troubles can be so easily resolved. Call for commercial furnace repair if you notice any of these issues:

  • The furnace won’t power on.
  • The pilot light is out.
  • Strange noises accompany furnace startup or operation.
  • The main burner doesn’t light or goes out quickly once it’s lit.
  • The burners light up, but the blower doesn’t work.
  • The blower motor constantly runs.

Our technicians can identify the cause of your problem and provide a solution that is the most effective and cost-efficient for you and your commercial location.

Emergency Commercial Furnace Repairs

Furnaces never stop working at a convenient time. Your local Aire Serv pros are your commercial heater EMTs, available 24/7 for all your emergency commercial furnace repairs. And when you call on us—day or night—you will never be charged overtime or emergency fees because we charge per job, not per hour!

Emergency or not, we can tackle these commercial furnace repairs:

  • Lack of Power: Power issues could be caused by problems with breakers, wiring, or a switch. Diagnostic tests may also be run on the transformer, thermostat, control board, capacitor, and blower motor to determine the exact cause of the issues.
  • Broken Motor: Don’t live with squeaky or squealing motors any longer. A noisy motor could be a sign of a bigger problem. An unusual noise coming from the motor may indicate it’s beginning to fail, which could result in a total breakdown of your furnace.
  • Failed Ignition: A rapid clicking noise may be an indication that your furnace won’t ignite. A blocked flue, defective control board, and improper limit control can all potentially cause this problem.
  • Unlit Burner: A dirty flame sensor, a clogged condensate drain, or a problem with the gas supply line can result in an unlit burner. A trained HVAC professional can investigate further to determine the cause, in addition to cleaning components and making some adjustments.
  • Faulty blower: After the burner ignites, the blower motor should turn on. If not the furnace’s run capacitor or motor may be faulty and need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Constant blower: A continuously running blower may be caused by a dirty air filter which is restricting airflow and damaging the limit switch. Our technicians can point out the problem, replace the switch, and point out helpful filter information.

Even if you’re having a hard time diagnosing your furnace issues, you can count on Aire Serv professionals to find a solution. In our many years of on-the-job experience, we’ve seen it all and can resolve issues fast. When it comes to commercial furnace repair in CA, make Aire Serv your first call!

Why Choose AireServ for Your Commercial Furnace Repair

Aire Serv professionals are highly trained and highly experienced. We arrive at every job with a robust set of skills and tools, ready to tackle any challenge. Our team always brings a can-do attitude and level of expertise that other commercial furnace repair services can’t match. This commitment to resolving even the most challenging of furnace problems helps keep customers satisfied time and time again.

Quality service begins from the very first phone call you make to our team. We work around the clock to ensure there’s always a helpful voice on the end of the line. Whether you reach out via telephone or online, expect prompt, professional support. Depending on your needs, we’ll dispatch our team quickly and find fast, comprehensive solutions to your furnace challenges. Transparent pricing ensures you’re never stuck with an unexpectedly high bill after services have been rendered.

We Make Low Heating Bills the Hot New Thing!

While a broken commercial furnace might seem like a mere inconvenience, they can actually be quite unsafe. If you’re hoping to avoid commercial furnace repairs altogether, consider scheduling regular maintenance appointments with Aire Serv. A little effort can go a long way to prevent emergency breakages! Reach out to our commercial HVAC repair team today to get help with all your commercial furnace needs.

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