Aire Serv is proud to be a Neighbourly™ company. We know that in today’s world, not everyone is equipped to perform their own home repairs - nor do we have the time! When you need service done on your home, you want to feel confident calling a company you can trust to do the job right. From plumbing to electrical, appliance repair to lawn service, Neighbourly™ has your entire home covered. Watch this video to learn more:

*Video transcription: There was a time when every home had someone to take care of it. To keep its lawn picnic-worth.To make sure its floors are cleared for takeoff.To keep the lights on inside, the weather outside and everything flushing as expected - but then life happened. Busy happened. And along came modern technology to make everyone's lives easier. There would be a robot for this and an app for that, and again every home could be taken care of. But somehow, all the technology in the world didn't give us another hour in the day or another day and weekend. And turns out, all the amazing things we invented to manage our homes, they needed managing too. >So here we are, same grass growing outside, same paint chipping off the multi, the same home in need of a caretaker. And maybe that's where went wrong. Maybe we didn't need something to take care of that home. Maybe what we needed was someone. Or even better, a whole community of people we trust. People we know, people we can call anytime for anything and they'll be there. They'll be there because they've been all along, right next door.