Commercial Heater Repair and Replacement

When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is the comfort of your employees or customers. In the middle of the chilly winter months, a malfunctioning heater can cause you to close up for the day, costing untold amounts of productivity and profit. Some heating repair companies can take days to diagnose heating issues.

When a service professional finally arrives, they’re often unqualified and unhelpful. That’s where Aire Serv comes in – count on our team to arrive quickly and thoroughly inspect the situation. Our highly trained professionals can diagnose and repair heating issues whenever you need us.

Heating Services from Aire Serv

The next time you require a heating repair near you, trust the professionals at Aire Serv to find a fix. Heating emergencies rarely happen at convenient moments, which is why we offer comprehensive service appointments 24 hours a day. Don’t wait for traditional business hours to find a solution to your heating woes. We’re available 24/7 to help minimize  the interruption a malfunctioning HVAC system causes to your business.

We also provide comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans that can help you avoid breakages in the future. Should a total system replacement be necessary, we can help with that, too. No matter what caused the issue, we’ll be there with a heating repair solution that works for your schedule and your business.

Heater Repair & Replacement You Can Trust

Commercial heating systems can become worn down and stressed over time. When severe winter temperatures kick in, your system may stop function as efficiently. If you notice it takes longer to heat your business, heating bills are higher, or your system is running more often, it may be time to call for heater repairs. Our highly trained professionals are always prepared to find a fix, no matter what model or brand of commercial HVAC system you have.

There are several signs that indicate heating system repairs may be necessary. For instance, you may notice your energy bills creeping up in price. If you notice a sudden spike in energy costs, with no obvious reason, your system may be malfunctioning and in need of service. This could be the result of a gas leak, dust buildup, clogged filters, or other issues. Unusual smells are also indicative of a problem. If you smell sulfur, you may have a gas leak on your hands. Burning smells indicate an overheated motor, while musty smells can indicate a mould issue.

Temperature fluctuations can also warrant a heating and cooling repair. If your commercial building’s temperature fluctuates between cold and hot or has areas of uneven temperature, then your system may have some underlying issues that are causing it to operate inefficiently. Poor ventilation resulting in poor air quality is another common cause for heating system repair and replacement.

Commercial Heating Maintenance Recommendations

While some maintenance tasks should be restricted to HVAC professionals, there are several ways you can help preserve the efficiency of your system. Your building maintenance staff can play a vital role in the upkeep and efficiency of your heating system. If you’re hoping to avoid heater repairs, ensure your air filters are changed regularly. Dirt, dust, and debris often block filters, restricting output and causing your system to work overtime.

Evaporator and condenser coils will also need regular attention. They’re frequently exposed to the air that circulates through them during operation. This air isn’t clean – mould, dirt, and fungi gradually deposit on them. This can seriously impact your system’s efficiency. If you’re not up to performing annual cleanings of these parts yourself, your local Aire Serv professionals are happy to help.

We’re Ready to Take a Look At Your Heating System!

Commercial heating system repairs don’t have to break your budget.  Our team of experienced professionals are trained to quickly diagnose any issue.Once we know what’s wrong, we’ll discuss the best repair or replacement options with you. Our commitment to transparent, upfront pricing ensures you’re never stuck with a surprise bill after service has been rendered. Instead, we loop you in every step of the way. And our Done Right Promise™ means the job’s not done until you’re completely satisfied.

Your local Aire Serv team is ready to help meet all of your commercial heating repair needs or schedule your appointment online today.

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