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Aire Serv® Helps You Breathe Easy With Geothermal Systems

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to maximize their budgets and take advantage of efficient heating and cooling systems. Energy bills and consumption can be dramatically reduced with the help of a geothermal system-it’s a system that benefits the environment as much as it benefits your budget! By utilizing an often overlooked resource, the heat under your own home, a geothermal system can even out temperatures to provide you with a comfortable environment all year long.

What Are Geothermal Systems?

Because temperatures underneath your home generally remain the same, a geothermal system is able to draw the heat from the ground to your house and circulate between the two. This method efficiently capitalizes on this natural resource in a manner similar to a heat pump.

When weather changes to warmer temperatures, the system can be reversed and move the heat from indoors to the ground underneath your home. During this process, the cooler refrigerant that facilitates the heat transfer circulates throughout the house and cools the temperatures within.

Geothermal Systems are Cost-Effective

Many geothermal systems have been shown to cut utility bills by as much as 80 percent. An average electric or gas-powered heating and cooling system won’t do as good of a job keeping the home comfortable and will cost you much on your utility bills.

Take a look at benefits of a geothermal system:

  • Cost-efficient services that reduce bills
  • Comfort that lasts all year long
  • Environmentally friendly performance
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long lifespans & quiet performance

In addition, many areas have recognized the benefits of a geothermal heating and cooling system and offer local rebates or tax credits available to homeowners looking to install one!

Contact Us for Environmentally Friendly Heating & Cooling Solutions

Aire Serv can provide expert installation of any cooling or heating system. We are proud to offer geothermal heating and cooling system installation to homeowners throughout Canada. Not only is the system cost-effective and reliable, it’s good for the environment too! Just like Aire Serv.

Learn more about a geothermal system when you contact a location near you today.

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