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When commercial coolers work as intended, they’re a crucial component of a business. When they fail, though, refrigerators can be a huge drain on resources. At Aire Serv, we know how critical it is to maintain your commercial equipment. Therefore, we’re committed to getting your refrigerator up and running as quickly as possible. Our team of certified professionals can provide commercial refrigeration repair services when you need them most. Commercial equipment tends to undergo a lot of wear and tear over time. A high degree of expertise is necessary to maintain and repair commercial refrigerators. Thankfully, our team has the tools and experience to find and fix problems fast.

We Repair, Install and Replace All Kinds of Refrigeration Equipment

From walk-in coolers to freezers, our team can solve your commercial refrigeration problems. Due to its complex setup and detailed parts, your commercial equipment should only be serviced by licensed and thoroughly trained professionals. We can repair or replace draft beer systems, undercounter refrigerators, back bar coolers, deli cases, refrigerated display cases, and any other commercial refrigeration services you might need.

Not exactly sure what the problem is with your commercial refrigerator? No worries. Our knowledgeable team can arrive quickly and thoroughly diagnose any issues. Aire Serv teams are experienced and highly-trained professionals who have seen and repaired just about every commercial refrigerator issue you can imagine.

What Are the Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems?

Commercial cooler fridges are among the most common commercial refrigeration systems. They keep food and beverages at the optimal temperature, which prevents spoilage. Freezers are another common type of commercial refrigeration system. They keep perishable items completely frozen, extending their shelf life.

Combination cooler and freezer units are also popular for commercial use. With options to keep items frozen or cold, they combine the best of freezers and coolers—as long as they continue to work as intended. Commercial refrigeration repairs may be necessary over time, though proper maintenance can help reduce the number of repairs and prevent emergencies.

Common Problems of Refrigeration Equipment

We frequently receive calls about excessive frost or condensation in and around commercial refrigerators. This is often caused by poor maintenance and temperature settings. Temperature malfunctions can lead to the development of mould and mildew in the rubber that seals the refrigerator door. Replacing the seal can help address such issues, but commercial refrigeration repair may also be necessary.

Motor defects are another common refrigeration issue. When operating properly, most refrigerators will feel warm to the touch. However, if your unit is transmitting excessive amounts of heat, there may be something wrong. Overheating is often the result of dirty coils. Refrigerator coils are insulated and fixed to the back of the unit. Cleaning coils regularly will help keep them from overheating. Motor issues may also cause the refrigerator to run continuously, resulting in loud noises during operation.

Sometimes, your commercial refrigerator may simply struggle to maintain a consistent temperature. A malfunctioning compressor is often the issue. A malfunctioning compressor will have to work longer and harder to maintain a desired temperature. The discharge temperature often goes above the limits recommended by the manufacturer, leading to the unit overheating. Dirty evaporator coils, a leak in the relief or discharge valve, or an undercharge of refrigerant can all cause your unit to overheat. High compressor discharge temperatures are also common with commercial refrigeration.

These are all red flags that indicate your system needs professional attention. Calling for commercial refrigeration services at the first sign of trouble can save you time and money, and keep your system working when you need it most.

Troubleshooting Refrigeration Equipment Issues

A broken commercial refrigerator can almost immediately translate to lost profits. There’s no time to waste when you’ve got a malfunctioning fridge on your hands. While you’ll want to call for commercial refrigeration repair at the first sign of trouble, you can try a few things yourself to help minimize the impact.

Commercial refrigerators tend to be oversized and pushed into tight spaces. If vents become blocked, your refrigerator will eventually shut down. Check to see where the vents on your fridge are located. Make sure the vents are free of obstructions and remove any blockages you encounter. While this might seem like a simple fix, this troubleshooting process can really pay off by getting your commercial refrigerator working again.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration issues, power problems are another common culprit. Appliances can become unplugged or shut down without anyone realizing it. Check your power connections and breakers that supply power to the unit to ensure everything is plugged in and connected as it should be. You may want to use a voltage detector to ensure there’s no problem with the wires, wall outlet, or breaker.

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Commercial refrigerators can be complicated. Just one small problem has the potential to affect the entire system! Fortunately, Aire Serv professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly identify the source of the problem and restore the refrigerator to working condition.

We offer a range of maintenance services that can be customized to meet the specific needs and schedule of your business. Our team can inspect your equipment and help prevent emergencies with early identification and repairs of any problems. When you need reliable “commercial refrigeration repair near me”, you can count on your local Aire Serv professionals.

If you are considering refrigeration replacement, our professionals can help you choose a refrigerator that meets the needs of your business and your budget. Plus, all our installation services are guaranteed!

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