How to Choose a Smoke Alarm For the Hearing Impaired

Alarm for Hearing Impaired

Trying to find the right smoke alarm for hearing-impaired loved ones? Traditional smoke alarms utilize loud alarm sounds that are ineffective at alerting hearing-impaired individuals of the present danger.

Whether you are a homeowner who is hearing impaired or have a family member with impairment, selecting an effective smoke alarm can be a lifesaving step to take.

There are several smoke alarms on the market designed for hearing-impaired individuals, including alarms that vibrate and ones that emit a strobe light. The ideal solution is often a combination of these two types of specialized alarms to alert individuals of a smoke or fire event.

Keep reading to learn more about the available options before you purchase a smoke alarm for the hearing impaired:

What Is a Vibrating Smoke Alarm?

When someone has profound hearing loss, a vibrating smoke alarm will shake to wake them from sleep, notifying them of the fire or smoke danger. The vibration may be through the pillow or mattress or both to provide the necessary alarm factor the individual needs to know something is wrong, even if they are in a deep sleep.

This type of alarm is ideal for people of all ages—from children to senior adults. Many models are acoustically activated, meaning the device “hears” the conventional alarm and then begins vibrating immediately.

What Is a Strobe Light Smoke Alarm?

Also triggered by the sound of the conventional alarm are strobe light smoke alarm alerts that alert hearing-impaired individuals by emitting flashing lights designed with enough high-intensity to wake up persons who are sleeping. Some models flash a longer, steady flash of light while others deliver a more classic strobe light effect. These flashes of light are so strong that they will wake some sleeping individuals. The visual representation of the alarm ensures the individual will receive proper notification of the fire or smoke event, so they can get to safety quickly.

Together, Vibration and Strobe Light Alarms Create an Effective Alert System

It’s the combination of the vibrating and strobe light smoke alarms that brings the most effective warning to hearing-impaired individuals. If one device does not rouse them, the other will. Homeowners who are hearing impaired or those with loved ones who are, can feel safe and protected knowing the appropriate devices are in place to keep them safe.

But it’s not just the hearing impaired who can benefit. People with normal hearing may sleep especially sound sleepers and not hear a conventional smoke alarm. Installing additional vibrating and/or strobe light smoke alarms provides an additional layer of safety and security for any hard-sleeping family member or homeowner.

Trust Aire Serv for Your Specialized Smoke Alarm Needs

If you or a loved one is hearing impaired or even just a sound sleeper, you shouldn’t have to worry about traditional smoke alarms not properly alerting you to danger. Turn to your local Aire Serv® team to find the right specialized smoke alarm today and have them professionally installed. Connect with us online now to schedule an appointment or call (855) 512-2886.