What Is an Air Vent Diverter?

Air Vent Diverter

It’s common for HVAC systems to create some inconsistent temperatures throughout your house, but you don’t have to settle for it. Are you tired of hot and cold spots in your home?

Installing an air vent diverter—also known as an air vent deflector—is a simple way to maximize the output of your home’s HVAC. Keep reading to learn more about air vent diverters and how they can work to enhance residential climate control.

Do Air Vent Deflectors Work?

They absolutely do! Air vent diverters, or deflectors, work by redirecting the air coming from the HVAC vents for optimal heating and cooling. This is an HVAC accessory, typically made of plastic that fits over the air vents or air vent diffusers in your home. You can adjust them upwards or downwards depending on your air redirection needs.

Because the air vent diverters allow you greater control over which areas of your home are receiving the climate-controlled air, it’s an effective way to conserve energy and extend the life of your HVAC system.

When Are Air Deflectors Most Effective?

If you’re trying to determine whether an air vent diverter is right for your home, consider these factors:

  • You frequently notice cold or hot pockets of air in your home.
  • Your vents are inefficiently blowing air directly into furniture, the thermostat, an unused space, or over a heat-producing appliance.
  • You find yourself wanting to close air vents in certain rooms, which can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency.
  • You’re trying to find more ways to stay cooler or warmer or in your home without adjusting the thermostat.

Air Vent Diverters and Commercial Air Vent Diffusers: What’s the Difference?

Note: A commercial air vent diffuser differs from a diverter or deflector because it is built-in to the commercial HVAC system. A diverter or deflector is attached to the diffuser to redirect air throughout the home or commercial building.

For example, if there are spaces in the office that do not need direct air flow, the deflector will point the air coming through the diffuser in a different direction for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.

Count on Aire Serv for Air Vent Diverter Installation

To make the most of your home’s energy use and achieve greater climate control, it’s important to reach out to the trusted local professionals for air vent diverter or deflector installation. At Aire Serv®, we not only help you to find the ideal HVAC accessories, we will also provide expert installation services.

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