What to Look for When Considering a Used Furnace

Furnace with silver duct
If your furnace stopped working at the end of last winter, you might be exploring ways to save on a replacement unit. Purchasing a new furnace may be cost-prohibitive at this time, but fortunately, you have another option to save money: you can buy a used furnace.

With this used furnace buying advice, we’ll help ensure you don’t get scammed. Here’s what to look for and how to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Opt for a Refurbished Furnace from a Commercial Seller

It may be tempting to purchase a used furnace from a private seller, but the potential for scams and added costs may not be worth it. Sellers may try to hide serious problems, and if the furnace needs to be uninstalled, that’s an extra cost to consider.

Buying a used furnace from a commercial seller is much safer. This way, you can count on the equipment being refurbished and ready to go. Still, it’s wise to have a third party professionally inspect the unit before you agree to purchase it.

Questions to Ask a Used Furnace Seller

Don’t get roped in by the promise of a low price. Grill the furnace seller with the following questions to avoid getting scammed:

  • Why are you selling this furnace?
  • How old is it?
  • What is the brand?
  • What type of fuel does it use?
  • What can you tell me about the performance?
  • Has it received regular maintenance over the years?
  • Is it still under warranty (and is that warranty transferable)?

Common Problems to Check for Prior to Buying a Used Furnace

Remember that any previously owned heater you consider has already experienced some wear and tear. This can cause a number of problems. Check the condition of following components before agreeing to buy a used furnace:

  • Electronic ignition or pilot light
  • Heat exchanger
  • Burners
  • Blower fan and motor
  • Limit switch, pressure switches, and roll out switches
  • Mechanical components that may rumble, squeak, or rattle

Used Furnace Installation Considerations

Obviously, your goal in buying a used furnace is to save money. However, without a professional installation, you may miss out on essential aspects needed for safe, efficient operation, such as special venting and fuel pipes required for high-efficiency models. Your ductwork might also leak and waste energy, increasing your heating bills.

It’s true that investing in a professional installation will increase the upfront cost of buying a used furnace somewhat, but the improved performance and longevity of the system are worth it! You’ll also enjoy peace of mind, knowing your system is installed safely and up to code.

Alternatives to Buying Used

If you’re nervous about investing in a used product, you have other options for saving money. Consider buying a furnace from a wholesaler at a bargain rate. Purchasing the previous year’s model when the dealer discounts it to make room for incoming stock can also help you stay on budget.

Contact Aire Serv for Help Buying a Used Furnace

No matter where you find a used furnace for sale, it’s beneficial to hire a professional to take a look. It takes a trained eye and years of industry knowledge to diagnose problems, assess the age, and determine the overall condition of a used furnace.

Let Aire Serv® help you purchase a reliable used furnace. We’ll give you our unbiased opinion about the quality of the unit in question and ensure you’re getting a fair price. If you purchase from a private seller, we can also uninstall it before transporting it to your home and performing a professional installation there.

To utilize our services, please contact Aire Serv today.