How to Automate Your HVAC System

how to automate your hvac system
Are you running your thermostat at the same temperature 24 hours a day? If your current thermostat setup makes you a slave to a single set temperature until you’re home to manually alter the settings, you’re wasting a lot of energy dollars to heat or cool an empty home. There’s a better way…

Thermostat Automation

Your home’s HVAC system is its single largest energy consumer. As opposed to your current ‘set it and forget it’ mentality, automating your HVAC by itself or as part of your smart home system helps you save money and live more comfortably. How do you automate your system? With the simple addition of an automated thermostat, including programmable and smart thermostat options, you can more easily control how your system operates, whether you’re home or away. More than a simple temperature monitor, some of today’s smart thermostat systems have a lot to offer.

Why Automate?

Digital thermostats are rapidly replacing antiquated thermostats with more accurate, reliable digital thermostat technology, providing…

  • Greater Precision
    Digital thermostat technology allows for accuracy within 1°F of temperature readings, improving performance.
  • More Programming Options
    Automated thermostats allow you to run your system minimally while you’re away at work, yet adjust the temperature automatically prior to your return, ensuring both comfort and savings.
  • The Ability to Adjust Settings Remotely
    With a smart thermostat additions, changes can be made from anywhere via your home’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Easier Setup
    By choosing smart “learning” thermostats models, you can make setup easier. Learning your behavior, these thermostat models make adjustments for you.
  • Maintenance Assistance
    Today’s smart thermostat systems not only offer suggestions for enhanced comfort and energy savings, but can even remind you when to change filters, clean ducts, or have your furnace serviced, to help you keep dust at bay and prevent maintenance-related HVAC issues and service calls.
  • Savings & Comfort
    Smart systems that monitor your energy consumption in real-time, tracking the effectiveness of your HVAC system, can save you money on your monthly utility bills while still ensuring you return to a comfortable home. How much can you save with a smart thermostat? Studies on today’s top models have indicated savings ranging from 10-23% annually, offering a rapid retrun-on-investment.

How to Automate Your HVAC System

  • Research Thermostat Options
    When comparing models, note the features you find most interesting for daily use, and compatibility with your current system (heat pump; furnace, etc.). Each thermostat has different pros and cons. If you’re unsure of your best option, talking with a professional HVAC technician knowledgeable can put you on the right path. Though at a slightly higher cost, most homeowners today prefer smart and learning thermostat models, whose programming is far easier than older 5+2 and 5+1+1 programmable thermostat technology. Do you really need the latest thermostat tech? While either a programmable or smart model will get the job done, like smartphone as compared to older flip phone technology, the latest tech is easier to use and program, and more fully featured.
  • Properly Locate Your Thermostat
    The location of your thermostat can affect performance, especially if it’s located in the sunlight or isolated area. Avoid areas near Heating/cooling vents, stove/ovens, bathrooms, and exteriors doors.
  • Have it Installed by a Pro
    Professional installation ensures proper function and prevents potential injury, home and system damage. HVAC and electrical are best left to professionals who can help you program and learn how to use your automated system properly.
  • Use Your Thermostat
    This may sound like common sense, but an automated thermostat is no good if you don’t use it. Program it for prime use of its features, and let it do the daily work for you! Many of today’s smart thermostat models learn from your behavior, collecting data on your preferred temperature and other factors, such as outside temperature, to make adjustments.
  • Watch for Maintenance Alerts
    Be certain to change your air filter or address other issues your new thermostat flags that could ruin the performance and shorten the lifespan of your system if neglected.

Confused about smart thermostat features or how to install an automated thermostat into your existing smart home setup? The experienced technicians at Aire Serv® can help. Contact us today.