How a Smart Thermostat Can Save You Money

how a smart thermostat can save you money
Sales of smart thermostats are exploding across North America. Shipments of smart thermostat tech have risen from 5 million units in 2015, to 12 million just last year, and are forecasted to top 30 million by 2020. Why such a rapid rise in sales? The benefits of smart thermostats are unparalleled.

Smart Thermostats Save Time, Energy & Money

The ultimate in convenience and energy savings, smart thermostats, such as the most recently released models by industry leaders Nest, Honeywell and Ecobee, can do a lot traditional thermostat models cannot…

  • Learning
    "Smart" thermostats learn from your behaviors, making both setup and operation a breeze.
  • Enhancing energy savings potential.
    Wondering how a smart thermostat can save you money? Once smart thermostats learn the temperatures you prefer in your home and your schedule, they will optimize your HVAC for the most efficient operation, making it easy to Cut Energy Costs by Starting Simple with a smart thermostat addition. How much can you really save with a smart thermostat? Independent studies have shown smart thermostats can save customers 10-15% on HVAC costs (about $131-145 in savings a year), while some manufacturers boast even higher savings – up to 23%.
  • Increasing comfort.
    Smart thermostats can automatically adjust temperatures within the home, taking into account outdoor conditions, humidity levels – even when someone has fired up the oven – ensuring a consistent, comfortable indoor environment, no matter the mitigating factors.
  • Making usage a snap.
    Smart thermostats watch when you leave and come home - some even monitoring smartphone locations to adjust settings as family members travel. They also track when you’re awake/asleep, adjusting temperatures accordingly. No ‘forgetting.’ No nights when the system is simply too tired or forgets to adjust settings. Left for vacation? Easily alter setting via smartphone or web app from anywhere. Big on home automation? Most models work with popular voice-prompted tech such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home.
  • Providing actionable data.
    Smart thermostat models track usage, breaking down HVAC costs and energy expenditures into user-friendly data, showing you additional opportunities for energy savings. See how much you’re spending at-a-glance, tweak your programming, and you’ll immediately see the savings results.
  • Alerting your to mishaps.
    In the event of a power outage and/or temperatures detected outside of pre-determined ranges, your thermostat can send you an email alert.
  • Safeguarding your system.
    Smart thermostats can help you track and schedule preventive maintenance tasks from simple air filter maintenance to annual cleaning and inspections, reducing the likelihood of unexpected repairs and safeguarding the efficiency and lifespan of your system.

Why Not a Simple Programmable Thermostat?

Studies show nearly 50% of households attempting energy savings with programmable thermostat technology can’t or don’t set them up properly, obliterating savings potential. For these households, and those that currently have a manual thermostat set to a static temperature 24/7, smart thermostats make dollars and sense.

What about Heat Pump Systems?

Unlike previous models of programmable and smart thermostats, which struggled with efficient heat pump function due to triggering of auxiliary heat, the latest breed of smart thermostat models including the Nest and Ecobee 3 have it covered, warming your home up to 5 hours early and circumventing the need for auxiliary heat while still providing optimal temperatures on-time. Both systems likewise do well working around boiler ‘overshoot’ issues and yo-yo temperatures.

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