Make Your Air Vent & Ceiling Fan Scary This Halloween

make your air vent ceiling fan scary this halloween

Everyone loves Trick or Treating, costume parties, candy—what’s not to love? If you’re looking for simple but spooky Halloween decorations to use this year, consider these clever ways to decorate air vents and ceiling fans for Halloween.

Cockroach Infestation

All you need for this Halloween decoration is a bunch of rubber cockroaches and sticky tack. Choose any highly visible air vent in your home, such as one on the bathroom wall or living room ceiling, and stick the cockroaches to the vent and the wall around it to make it appear as though bugs are scrambling out of the vent! You’ll make more than one person at your Halloween party jump with this simple but spooky decoration.

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Clown Invasion

When going for that epic jump scare, you need to use unexpected places, such as the ceiling. Remove the attic hatch or the grille over a large return air vent. Now you have a gaping hole to fill with something terrifying. How about that creepy old clown mask you have lying around?

Tape one end of the mask to a dowel or something similar, and weigh down the other end with a sandbag. Position the mask just right, so it looks like an evil clown is peering down at you. It’s best if the mask is poking down below the edge of the air vent to ensure it grabs your party guests’ attention.

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Pumpkins and Mummies and Ghosts—Oh My!

Got an old ceiling fan that doesn’t work anymore? Instead of throwing it away, recycle the old blades and turn them into DIY Halloween decorations.

One option is to remove the hardware from the fan blade, sand it to rough up the surface, and paint the blade with white craft paint. A few details with black paint—including eyes, a mouth, and wispy lines to mimic the look of fabric—and you have an easy ghost decoration for Halloween. String a little twine through the hardware holes, and you can hang your ghoulish creation just about anywhere.

Making a pumpkin out of an old fan blade is just as easy! Simply paint it orange instead of white and spray paint the detached hardware green to make it look like a pumpkin stem. Then, when the paint is dry, reattach the hardware. Draw or paint a Jack-o-lantern face, and you have a pleasing pumpkin to go with your ghastly ghost.

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Yet another option is to turn your old fan blade into a creepy mummy! Paint the blade gray, glue on scary eyes, and wrap the blade with a long strip of white fabric, being sure to leave the eyes visible. If you want, make the mummy’s wrappings look “dirty” by lightly brushing on black or brown paint. Thread twine through the hardware holes and hang your magnificent mummy somewhere he’ll really make an impression.

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Spooky Ceiling Fan

If you’re not done using your ceiling fan just yet, you can still dress it up for Halloween with fan blade covers. Choose a festive print at the fabric store and break out your sewing machine to make your very own custom fan blade covers. You can also purchase Seasonal covers to fit standard ceiling fans from Fan Blade Designs.

We hope you feel inspired by these ideas to decorate air vents and ceiling fans for Halloween! If you notice something unexpectedly spooky coming from your air vents—like bad odors or strange sounds—give Aire Serv® a call, and we’ll scare the ghouls away.