Your Outdoor AC Unit Is (Almost) Impervious to the Rain

Outdoor AC Units

Spring showers arrived in full force in some areas. Is your AC unit ready? Rest assured, you can you use an air conditioner in the rain – it just needs a little protection, but not in the form you may think...

How Does Rain Affect Air Conditioners?

The first step in understanding the ins-and-outs of using your outdoor AC unit in the rain, is a clear picture of how rain effects the system. Simple spring showers, winter snow, and even a little hail won’t hurt. In fact, your system is designed for this precipitation, with sealed electrical components and connections and sturdy construction for longevity and function. Those intense, wind-driven heavy rains, on the other hand, can throw a wrench in the works, carrying projectiles and debris that can lodge inside your air conditioning system, making it essential to give your system an outdoor ‘drive-by’ post-storm. Experience flooding rains? This is also a cause for concern, as flood waters greater than 15 inches in depth infiltrating your air conditioning system can pose a danger for your health – and your system’s – making it essential to have your unit (as well as any duct work and venting installed beneath your home) professionally inspected before restarting to ensure safe operation.

An Air Conditioner Rain Guard May Help

If you live in an area that frequently suffers heavy storms, you may wish to consider an air conditioner cover or rain guard. Designed or recommended by your manufacturer, these protective covers are created specifically to work in conjunction with HVAC systems, offering the proper amount of air circulation via ventilation holes. If you’re thinking you’ll save a couple bucks and ‘do-it-yourself,’ think again. Covering your system with a makeshift board, plastic wrap, or garbage bag creates a hostile operational environment, voiding your warranty and allowing moisture and condensation to buildup and become trapped inside the system, where it can corrode and rust metal components, rot wire and rubber, and offer an attractive home for insects and critters.

Routine Service Also Offers Protection

In addition to improving efficiency and reducing energy use, routine professional service and maintenance can also help prevent against potentially devastating damage due to corrosion that can severely shorten the life of your system. This includes proper cleaning and rinsing of coils, the regular lubrication of essential components, and a visual inspection for conditions that could indicate issues with corrosion and the need to apply a suitable protective product.

It’s time for spring cleaning. Is your AC unit on your checklist? Preserve and protect your system with the help of your friendly neighborhood Aire Serv® professional. Contact us today.

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