Fun Things To Say Into Your Electric Fan

Bored on a hot summer day? Your electric fan can do more than cool you down – it can transform your voice! Hear the deeper voice you’ve always wanted, sound like a robot or even try your best Darth Vader impression by saying these fun things into your electric fan.

Quote Darth Vader.

From “Luke, I am your father,” to “come to the dark side,” any Darth Vader quote is bound to sound scarier and more realistic through the blades of a fan.

Talk like a robot.

Give your voice an electronic tone by pretending to be from the future.

Sing it out.

Burst out in your favorite song and see what it would sound like at a much higher pitch.

Switch your pitch.

You’ll be surprised how high or low the fan will make your voice sound.

Get historical.

Whether it is Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” or Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream,” it’s bound to sound different through a fan.

Shake it up with Shakespeare.

The famous playwright is known for his style of writing. Try belting out one of his famous quotes like “to be, or not to be, that is the question.”

Just Gibberish.

Go for it and see what words you can come up with.

Go foreign.

If you don’t know a foreign language, try learning one and practice with a fan.

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