HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

hvac preventative maintenance checklist
Is your HVAC system feeling the love? Your heating and cooling system isn’t cheaply or easily replaced. Hang on to it for as long as possible with the help of a little TLC in the form of preventative maintenance.

Do you have these things on your HVAC preventative maintenance checklist?

Fire that foul filter.

This inexpensive and simple preventative maintenance task cuts down on dust, energy use, and strain on your system. Opt for a replacement that’s up to the task at least every three months, or a cleaning it if you have a permanent filter.

Cut the clutter.

Remove objects blocking air vents and returns throughout your home, from last week’s laundry to furniture to pet hair. Reduced airflow wears your HVAC system out.

Keep it clean.

Blocked airflow reduces efficiency. Give that big metal box outside your home – the condensing unit – a good cleaning, clearing away anything that blocks airflow such as weeds, plants, leaves and trash. If necessary, carefully use a soft broom to clean the unit’s fins. On occasion, spray it down with a water hose as well. To avoid a potentially hair-raising experience, turn off the breaker to the unit first.

Get professional help.

You can’t do it all. A professional Aire Serv® checkup should be a regular part of HVAC maintenance to keep your home more comfortable and prevent future problems and unplanned expenses before they occur. A professional checkup will address things you cannot handle, such as:

Checking Refrigerant Levels

Too much or too little raises energy costs and shortens lifespan.

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils.

Dirty coils force your system to run longer and work harder.

Checking and clearing the condensate drain.

A clogged drain could result in high humidity levels or major water damage inside your home.

Cleaning and adjusting blower components.

Blower issues can cause poor airflow, uncomfortable temperatures, and a reduction in efficiency.

Verifying proper thermostat function.

Your thermostat drives your system, keeping you comfortable and saving energy.

Measuring airflow and looking for duct leaks.

Are you paying higher bills and feeling uncomfortable because of lost air?

Checking electrical connections.

This prevents unsafe operation and possible system damage.

Lubricating all moving parts.

To reduce system wear-and-tear and energy use.

Verification of safe operation.

To ensure your system starts, runs, and shuts off properly.

Lather, rinse, and repeat.

Perform HVAC preventative maintenance at least twice a year, in the spring and the fall, before weather puts a strain on your system.

Regular HVAC preventative maintenance will prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your system, keep it running at peak performance and cut down energy use.

Contact Aire Serv and schedule a preventative maintenance visit today!