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Heater Replacement & Installation Service

Low Heating Bills Are the New Hot Thing

Ideally it shouldn’t happen often, but homeowners will eventually need to replace their heating system. If your heating system is beginning to wear down and fail more regularly, repairs will eventually become ineffective. Aire Serv® offers both repairs and installations, so we could help you make an informed decision.

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Should You Repair or Replace?

Sometimes, homeowners are too quick to buy a new heating system when their current one just needs some care and attention. A little maintenance and a few repairs can make more of a difference than you’d think. Take a second and ask yourself the following questions to decide if you should repair your heater.

  • You’ll save money on energy costs. Your heating bills accounts for 50% of your energy bills in the winter. If your old heater isn't efficient, you could hurting seriously in heating bills! A new heater could save you big time.

  • Your home will be more comfortable. Your heater should be keeping you comfortable. Newer, more efficient systems have the advanced features needed to keep you warm.

  • You’ll be protecting the environment. When you install a new heater, you can stay warm while enjoying a conservative system. This helps promote a cleaner environment, as well as your own comfort!

Your Options for Heating Replacements

There are more heater varieties than ever before, and choosing yours opens up all kinds of energy-efficient options. Below we’ve listed the most common heater types, their strengths, and why you might want to consider a whole new kind of system.

The heaters available today include:

  • Gas furnaces — With low natural gas prices, this furnace type has the lowest cost of operation.
  • Electric furnaces — Slight increase in cost, but are solid options where natural gas is unavailable.
  • Oil furnaces — For locations where oil is cheaper than gas or electricity (and where there’s space to store oil on the property), oil furnaces are an efficient and viable solution.
  • Boilers — Boilers are effective and efficient radiant heat systems and provide consistent warmth in cold environments using hot water. They use multiple fuel sources like oil, gas, and electricity.
  • Air-source heat pumps — For milder climates, air-source heat pumps move heat from the air and move it elsewhere. This is significant because you can move heat inside your home in the winter, then reverse operation to remove heat from your home in the summer.
  • Geothermal heat pumps — The same idea as an air-source heat pump, except far more environmentally-friendly as it transfers heat from the earth. Heat pumps are very efficient.
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Why Spend Money On an Energy-Efficient Model?

Unlike other environmentally-friendly industries, heating and cooling systems actually perform better when they’re more efficient. The same features that make it good for the earth make it a better investment for your home. For example, energy-efficient models have fewer drafts and result in more consistent temperatures. In addition, they save you money every single month. Even one month of usage will begin to pay for the initial investment you made in your system. In the long run, you save a great deal of money. Like we said, low heating bills are the new hot thing!

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