Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

When it comes to air conditioner service, Aire Serv leads the way with highly-trained experts that can diagnose and resolve your AC issues quickly. We also offer periodic maintenance checks, emergency repairs, and new installations for all types of air conditioning units – with transparent pricing. If you’re looking for quality air conditioner service near you, your local Aire Serv professional is the answer.

What’s Included in Air Conditioner Services?

Strange noises and system leaks often prompt customers to call us about our cooling services. A lack of cold air indicates an issue with your system that could eventually result in a complete shutdown. Therefore, it pays to act fast; quick intervention can ensure your unit continues to work at peak capacity for many more years. Call the Aire Serv team at the first sign of trouble, and we’ll arrive quickly to diagnose the problem.

If there’s a problem, we’ll clearly communicate what we find to ensure you understand the issue before choosing the best course of action. This commitment to transparency makes our air conditioner services different from many others.

Common Problems with Air Conditioner Services

Our air conditioner service appointments can address everything from broken thermostats to refrigerant leaks to poor maintenance. Routine air conditioner services can help prevent many of the most common issues. Whatever the problem, count on the professionals at your local Aire Serv to fix it for you as quickly as possible.

Your air conditioner can be your best friend during the hot summer months. However, without proper maintenance, AC issues can arise that leave you and your family feeling uncomfortable. This is why giving your AC a little extra attention during the summer months is important. A little maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your family cool and comfortable all season long.

When Aire Serv service professionals are called out to your home or business, you can count on us to provide solutions to even the most challenging issues. Our commercial air conditioner service offerings were designed to address problems like refrigerant leaks, frozen coils, and faulty thermostats. When the success of your business depends on keeping temperatures cool, count on Aire Serv to deliver the results you need.

Why Aire Serv for Air Conditioner Maintenance Service?

Aire Serv professionals pride themselves on their ability to tackle any AC challenge. Whether you need air conditioner maintenance service or just want help diagnosing a recurring issue, our team can help.

Our AC professional will arrive on time with a wealth of resources, experience, and tools to address any air conditioner issue. We stay updated of the latest industry best practices to ensure a fast, comprehensive solution to almost any AC problem imaginable.

Contact Us

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or AC installation, the professionals at Aire Serv are here to help. And since we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reliable air conditioner services are never more than a phone call away — whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance. Your comfort doesn’t have to wait when you choose Aire Serv. Call us today at (855) 512-2886 or schedule your appointment online now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Air conditioner maintenance service can be a real lifesaver during the hottest months of the year. If you’re unsure whyyour system isn’t working properly – or just want clarity on the type of services we offer – these frequently asked questions and answers may help:

How Often Do I Need Air Conditioner Maintenance Services?

The answer depends largely on your system. Generally speaking, air conditioners should be serviced at least once per year. Periodic seasonal inspections can also help keep your system healthy and running efficiently. The age, daily usage, and size of your AC unit all play a role in determining the right service plan for your system. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, an Aire Serv professional can provide guidance on the best air conditioner maintenance services plan for you.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Air Conditioner?

Regular air conditioner services are the best way to prolong the life of your system. On top of routine maintenance, keeping your outside unit free of debris like leaves can help improve efficiency and reduce the need for repairs. This type of routine maintenance will also ensure a consistent airflow throughout your system. In the summer months, using blinds and shades to block the sun can help extend the life of your unit. You can also invest in a programmable thermostat to regulate usage during peak and non-peak hours.

Why Does My System Seem Like It Needs More Refrigerant Every Year?

An air conditioning system that requires regular recharging of refrigerant is an indication of a leak within the system, which will require a repair. Leaking refrigerant causes your unit to lose cooling capacity. It may also be using more energy, which is not great for the environment or your wallet. The best air conditioner services near me can use technology to locate refrigerant leaks, which is far superior to older, more expensive, time-consuming methods of finding a leak.

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