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Commercial Furnace Maintenance

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Regular maintenance goes a long way in maximizing the lifespan of your furnace. Not only does it help your system run smoothly, maintenance is key to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your commercial furnace. Common furnace issues that arise can include carbon monoxide buildup due, faulty ductwork, low oxygen levels due to a lack of fresh air, and fires due to soot buildup. Any of these issues can result in serous consequences if not handled correctly!

Let us help you breathe easy. Call the commercial furnace repairmen from Aire Serv® to restore comfort to your place of business—and your utility bills.

What Can Our Furnace Maintenance Do for You?

It is smart to schedule professional furnace maintenance in the summer, before temperatures start to drop in the fall. Maintenance technicians from Aire Serv help ensure your furnace is operating at peak levels—and prevent you from getting caught in the cold. Aire Serv’s annual furnace maintenance tune-up includes the following:

  • Furnace Component Inspection
  • Professional Furnace Cleaning
  • Control Adjustments
  • Safety Checks of the System

By checking all these factors just once a year, you can ensure the safety and comfort of those in your commercial location, whether employees or customers.

  • Inspect your air filter, Check out your air filters once a month. Dirty filters always need to be cleaned or replaced. Clogged filters can overstress your system, leading to more costly damage down the road (as well as a less efficient system).

  • Keep it clean. Do your best to keep the individual parts of your AC unit clean and tidy. Using a shop vac to clear away dirt and other debris in your unit and ducts is a fairly quick and easy way to do this. Wipe things down when you can, and make this a regular practice.

  • Give the unit some breathing room. Your unit should have a lot of clearance around it, especially for outdoor units. Brush away dirt or mud, prune branches and bushes, and in general just keep the area clear. It makes your yard look attractive and protects your unit from contaminants.

Pro Tips for Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Between scheduled maintenance check-ups, it is possible for you to contribute to the well-being of your commercial furnace system.

These tips will maximize your commercial furnace’s lifespan:

  • Safety First: Before maintaining your commercial furnace, be sure to cut off power and the fuel supply. It is good to know where these switches are in case of emergency.
  • Clean Filters: Dirty filters strain your commercial furnace and shorten its lifespan. Schedule monthly checkups for your filter and replace when necessary.
  • Functioning Thermostat: Think about purchasing a programmable thermostat. This can control energy costs and keep your commercial space comfortable.
  • Clearing Obstructions: Check anything that may be obstructing vents, exhaust, and combustion air pipes. Remove the obstruction immediately for improved furnace performance.
  • Checking Gas Leaks: If you notice gas fumes or damaged connections, immediately shut off the gas supply and get help from a professional furnace technician before proceeding.
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When Is Furnace Replacement a Good Idea?

Environment Canada’s ENERGY STAR program suggests replacing furnaces that are 15 years or older. Older furnaces are rated at about 65% efficiency when up against newer models that achieve 97% fuel utilization efficiency. If your furnace is new, but still experiencing significant problems, it may need to be replaced. Talk to a trusted technician to help you make the decision.

Breathe Easy With the Help of Aire Serv Technicians

Before beginning any commercial furnace repair or maintenance, talk to the professionals at Aire Serv. We offer flat-rate pricing on all of our jobs and can walk you through your options. Our employees will treat your courteously and communicate openly and honestly through every step of your commercial furnace services.

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