Your Ultimate Oakville AC Repair Guide

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Are you struggling with cooling issues in your Oakville home? AC units are becoming a more common home appliance, and today's homeowners are dealing with common problems more and more frequently. It's always easy to call an HVAC pro to handle AC repair, but it pays for homeowners to know their own system's requirements, what they can do themselves, and when it's time to seek the assistance of qualified service pros.

Minimum Best Practice

At Aire Serv of Halton, our experienced HVAC service professionals always recommend Oakville residents develop two important habits that will help you avoid future AC repairs:

Get to Know Your Unit -- Not every cooling option is identical. Each unique category of air conditioning system has its own set of standard needs, common problems, and effective solutions. Do you have a window unit, or a ductless split system? Do you have an exterior condenser? Knowing that information is essential.

Get an Annual Checkup -- Just like an annual checkup with a doctor will maintain your personal health, yearly air conditioning maintenance will maintain your HVAC system. The best time for an AC service check is in early spring, before your unit is put under extra pressure from Oakville's hot summers.

Nobody wants to be baking in their own home when a heat wave hits Halton. Ontario's temperatures are getting higher every year, and that means people in Oakville, Burlington, Halton Hills, and surrounding areas are going to become more dependent on machines that keep them comfortable and safe. There are several maintenance tips that all homeowners, residents, and business owners can utilize to keep their air conditioning running at its maximum potential.

DIY Oakville Air Conditioner Repair

Well-timed AC repair and service keeps your property's climate efficiently and effectively controlled, which saves you money on early replacement and high energy bills. After you find out what type you have, you'll be prepared to do some of that maintenance yourself. In addition to routine, professional spring air conditioning services, there are three things you can do to maintain your unit:


Before you attempt any kind of repairs on any powered appliance in your home, you should always shut off power to your unit by flipping the appropriate switch in your breaker box. Take a double-precaution and flip the switch at the appliance's exterior shut-off to be sure you'll avoid injuries from electricity and moving parts. (Don't forget to turn your power back on when you're done.)

1. Remove Debris

If you have an outdoor condenser or compressor, broken branches, twigs, leaves, and other debris can get caught inside and create problems. Using a screwdriver or wrench, you can remove the fan cage and use your hands or a wet/dry vacuum to carefully remove all that troublesome debris.

2. Clean the Surrounding Area

The best way to avoid debris is to keep the area around your external unit clear of potential sources and buildup. Use a rake to clear away leaf piles and other detritus. You should also cut back all branches and nearby vegetation to a clearance of at least 2 feet to ensure proper airflow.

During Oakville's winter months, you can cover the top with a piece of plywood or plastic to prevent anything falling in, but be careful not to cover the sides as well. Covering the entire thing creates corrosion from built up moisture, and encourages vermin to make a nest.

3. Change the Filter

The filter in your cooling systems should be changed at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Increased levels of dust and contaminants might require more frequent changes. Take a look at the airflow rating for your existing filter to determine which new filter to buy, and be careful of "air purifying" or HEPA filters -- they can reduce the airflow enough to freeze the indoor coil.

When Do You Need Professional AC Repair?

Remember that Oakville's hot summer months are a high-use period, so it's always best to seek experienced experts for preventative maintenance before Oakville and the rest of Halton heat up. In addition to that seasonal service, there are other times when you might require the reliable services of an HVAC company.

Get Help If You Have the Following Problems:

You're not getting cold air.
Air flow is reduced or poor overall.
There's moisture or leakage.
Unusual sounds are coming from the AC unit.
Some areas of your home aren't being cooled.
Your unit is 10-15 years old.
Your AC needs frequent repairs.

Do You Need AC Repairs, or Replacement?

This is an important question when it comes to the cooling solutions in your Oakville home. Those last two problems in the list are most important because they signal that your helpful chiller is reaching the end of its life, and it might be time to upgrade. An AC repair professional could help you consider the age of your appliance and the total cost when determining if it would be better to get quick repairs or a new installation.

What's A SEER Rating?

Did you know that air conditioners are subject to federal energy regulations in Canada? The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of a unit has to be at least 13 for it to be operating at minimum acceptable levels, which means that if you have a particularly ancient system, AC repairs might not be the best option.

Many newer options have ratings that far exceed that acceptable minimum, and when it comes to HVAC, energy efficiency is excellent. Greater efficiency for your home's HVAC solutions brings savings on energy costs and a lower environmental impact at the same time.

Contact a Skilled HVAC Pro for Oakville AC Repairs

At Aire Serv of Halton, our team has years of practical experience working with all existing brands and styles of cooling systems. Whether it's a total-home setup, or a window appliance, we know all the common causes of trouble, and chances are we already have an effective solution prepared.

For AC repairs and HVAC service in the Oakville area and surrounding communities, give us a call.

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