Five Heating and Air Conditioning Oakville Pro Tips

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Are you frustrated with your home's air conditioning and heating systems? Surviving Oakville heat waves is much easier with air conditioning, and reliable heating service is a basic necessity for cold snaps — both in Oakville and across Canada. Unfortunately, owning heating systems and air conditioning equipment isn't enough. If you want the best benefits of HVAC equipment, it's important that you follow the advice of local heating and air conditioning Oakville experts.

Oakville's homeowners are no strangers to chores and maintenance tasks. There are certainly a few basic jobs you should complete for your AC and furnace, but there are additional tips that you should consider. Whether you have a furnace or a heat pump — and whether you have an air conditioning unit already or you're just thinking about AC installation — expert information is always helpful. Advice from your local service professionals could save you from future frustration.

The HVAC pros at Aire Serv of Halton are always happy to provide tips for Oakville homeowners and all nearby HVAC owners. As your trusted local furnace repair experts and air conditioning repair professionals, we're dedicated to helping you breathe easy 24/7 with outstanding heating and air conditioning Oakville service — and useful tips from knowledgeable HVAC pros.

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

The thermostat on your wall isn't just a tool for measuring and controlling your indoor temperature; it's also a useful device for optimizing comfort — and saving money. Many Oakville residents simply set their thermostat to a single temperature and forget about it until the next season. Don't just set it and forget it. There are benefits to regularly changing your thermostat setting.

When & Why?

There are few benefits to heating or cooling an empty home. By lowering your temperature settings during your regular working hours, you could save as much as 33% on your heating costs and as much as 25% on cooling. It's as simple as turning it down when you leave the house and turning it up when you come home.

Of course, you should always keep your home from reaching anything close to freezing temperatures — especially during Oakville winters — but even dropping your setting from 20° to 10° could save you money on your energy bills.

Make it Easy with a Programmable Thermostat

Does the idea of adjusting your thermostat on a daily basis sound like just another chore? A programmable thermostat takes all the effort out of saving money spent on HVAC energy use. Precise models allow you to set the exact temperature during specific hours, and smart models even let you control your temperature when you're not home. Thermostat replacement and installation services from your local pros make upgrades as easy as calling an HVAC expert.

2. Replace Your Freon System

R-22, otherwise called Freon, is one of the most common refrigerants for older air conditioning units. It's been the standard cooling source for decades — yet, in 2020 it became illegal to import or produce R-22 in Canada. That means there's now a limited supply of Freon in Canada, and it's only going to get smaller. That's an important consideration for anyone in Oakville with Freon-dependent cooling equipment.

As the Freon supply dwindles, it will become more expensive to operate cooling units that use R-22 — and more difficult to keep them running. Unfortunately, solving that issue isn't as simple as replacing your refrigerant. Although there are cooling alternatives like R-104A — Puron — many older R-22 systems won't work with a different refrigerant. That means replacing your unit is often the only option. Luckily, when it comes to older, inefficient AC systems, replacement is usually a long-term cost-saving solution that comes with many additional benefits.

Benefits of AC Replacement:

  • Fewer repairs & less maintenance needs
  • Higher SEER ratings
  • Improved cooling efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Precise, customizable cooling control

3. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

All air conditioning and heating systems wear down with daily use. Oakville's cold winters and hot summers have detrimental effects on HVAC components. Regular maintenance is necessary if you want to address those issues and keep your unit running longer.

Not every Oakville homeowner keeps up with their furnace maintenance plan — even though it's often a warranty requirement. While skipping maintenance might reduce minor short-term costs, it often results in higher future fees for furnace failures and emergency repairs. Skipping maintenance also increases the energy consumption of heating systems and lowers their lifespan, resulting in higher utility bills and early replacement costs.

An annual maintenance check is also important for cooling units. All brands of equipment suffer from worn belts, clogged drainage, and dirty filters. Air conditioning repair, like routine heater maintenance, has a direct connection to HVAC efficiency, equipment lifespans, long-term costs, and continuous indoor comfort. There are big benefits that come from regular HVAC maintenance.

What Does HVAC Maintenance Involve?

  • Checking for refrigerant & fuel leaks
  • Duct inspection
  • Airflow measurements
  • Filter replacement
  • Thermostat inspection
  • Checking your electric control sequence
  • Oiling motors & inspecting belts
  • Inspecting all vital components for wear
  • Tune-ups & minor repairs

4. Energy Efficiency is Important

Oakville consumers frequently hear about energy efficiency these days, but it really is important for HVAC technology. Efficient systems reduce energy use, which reduces costs on HVAC service for homeowners. The less power your AC unit and heating system uses, the less money you pay to Oakville Hydro and similar companies.

Key Efficiency Ratings:

SEER: Seasonal energy efficiency ratio — SEER — is the efficiency standard by which cooling technology is measured. It applies to both air conditioning equipment and cooling settings on heat pumps. The minimum rating for all units in Canada is 13, but scores typically reach as high as 25 for newer cooling technology.

HSPF: Heating seasonal performance factor — HSPF — is an efficiency measurement unique to heat pumps. Canada's minimum HSPF rating is 6.7, but many units exceed that minimum rating. HSPF is an important consideration for especially cold climates, where units may operate at reduced efficiency.

AFUE: Annual fuel utilization efficiency — AFUE — is the standard of efficiency for gas and oil furnaces. It's a measurement of how much fuel a system uses to effectively heat a home. It also indicates how much fuel is wasted during the heating process. Canada's federal regulations set the minimum AFUE for new units at 95% on December 12, 2019, although units built or imported before July 3, 2019, may have a lower rating.

5. Don't Forget about Air Quality

Not all Oakville homeowners change their filters regularly, but you should. Not only do those basic filtration systems have a profound effect on what you breathe, but they also impact system performance. If you want a cooling unit or furnace that operates at maximum efficiency, you should regularly change your filters to maintain peak performance.

In addition to completing that basic furnace and air conditioning maintenance, you should also keep an eye on your indoor air quality — IAQ — throughout the year. Poor IAQ may indicate issues with your ductwork or HVAC systems. IAQ could also impact your health if pollutants and contaminants are pushed through vents into your home.

Professional testing is one of the most essential indoor air quality services for Oakville. There are many factors that contribute to negative IAQ, and there are several solutions to remove those negative pollutants. A knowledgeable heating and air conditioning Oakville expert will also help you evaluate your IAQ and find an appropriate response. In some cases, purifiers and humidifiers are necessary. In other cases, frequent vacuuming is enough.

Common Causes of Low IAQ in Oakville:

  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Pet dander
  • Smoking
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Radon
  • Humidity

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