What Type of AC System Do I Have?

Your First Step Is to Locate Your AC

Finding out what type of air conditioner you have in your home requires finding out first where it is located. It’s important not to touch your AC equipment or take it apart unless you are really confident in what you are doing. Improper handling of heating and cooling equipment often causes injuries. An air conditioner repair professional from Aire Serv can help you learn how to provide routine maintenance and proper care for your system.

Types of Air Conditioners

There are multiple varieties of air conditioners, such as:

  • Package air conditioning units – This is the type of AC often found in dorm rooms, nursing home rooms, hotel rooms, and so on. These air conditioners are sold as complete units with a compressor outside and a blower unit located indoors. These systems are quite efficient at cooling a small space and allow control.
  • Evaporative coolers or “swamp coolers” – These systems utilize water evaporation and are especially effective in dry geographic climates with little to no humidity and in homes that are sealed. A blower unit fans air over a wet material, allowing water molecules to absorb heat in the air. Open windows help the air move through the home. Swamp coolers are very environmentally friendly and about one-third as expensive as standard air conditioners, while promoting quality air indoors. However, they utilize pads that must be cleaned regularly, and the effectiveness of these systems is mixed since it depends on the weather and humidity levels.
  • Window / wall units – Window AC units contain the compressor, coil, expansion valve, condenser, and other components in one simple, portable unit that can be placed directly into your home window. These units are similar to package AC units but do require some removal of the wall of your home. Installation is simple, and these units don’t require much space, however they usually only cool one area well and can be loud.
  • Ductless split systems – Ductless split systems are also made with two parts: The wall-mounted inside unit and the outdoor unit. Rather than utilizing ductwork, these systems use hoses that travel through the rooms to be cooled and are connected to the unit outside.
  • Split system air conditioners – Split system air conditioners utilize ductwork to channel cooled air inside. You must ensure that your filters are regularly cleaned and that ducts are properly insulated in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Whatever type of AC you have, Aire Serv is the team to call for repairs and maintenance: Contact our AC repair experts today.

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