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  • Close up of an extremely dirty and dusty white plastic ventilation air grille at from residential HVAC system.

    Cleaning AC Ducts - Can You Do It Yourself?

    If you've noticed stale air, a musty smell, or excess dust in your home, you may be wondering how to clean air ducts yourself. But ...

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  • White HVAC vent showing dirt and mould growth from daily use

    Why You May Have Mould in Your HVAC System

    If you’ve been wondering whether mould can grow in an HVAC system, unfortunately the answer is yes. There are two main reasons why ...

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  • Furnace vent on roof of residential home.

    High Efficiency Furnace Venting – Ensure Your Family is Safe

    Furnaces have come a long way in recent years in terms of both efficiency and safety. High-efficiency furnaces are one of the most ...

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