Beards: The Natural Face Heater

Beards have been going in and out of style for years. What is the reason for this changing style of hair and no hair? We’re going to step back in time to the beginning and examine the history of the beard.

In prehistoric times, men were believed to grow beards for different reasons than men do today. The three main reasons prehistoric men had beards were for warmth, intimidation, and to defend their face from hits. In Egyptian times, men would dye their beards gold because it meant godliness. In other ancient civilizations, beards were seen in admiration, and they used to be shaved off as a form of punishment if someone committed a penalty. It wasn’t until 345 B.C. that Alexander the Great had outlawed beards because they could be used to the enemies’ advantage. Later in history, beards became more popular. Abraham Lincoln became the frontier for beards in America because he was the first president to grow a beard. (He started growing his beard because a little girl said his face looked too thin.)

So, as you can probably already tell by reading this, beards had a much different function back in historic times, but it doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun with them today.


  • You are 63% more likely to win a staring contest if you are sporting a beard.
  • The average man will spend around 3,350 hours shaving his face.
  • Studies show beards grow faster in the day than in the night.
  • Only two percent of the Forbes 100 lists of the world have facial hair.
  • In the middle ages, it was offensive to touch another man’s beard, and sometimes a duel would settle the feud.
  • The longest beard ever was recorded at 17.4 feet long.

If you’re not already rocking a beard, you should try growing one out and see how you like it! However, if you don’t feel like having your own natural face heater, then contact Aire Serv and they can install a heater (not a beard) for you.