Are You Ready for Winter?

With the heat of summer wafting into the cool breezes of fall, it is essential to prepare for a warm and cozy winter by preventing any need for sudden, unwanted furnace repairs. To do this efficiently, just follow these guidelines and you can enjoy the comfort and safety of a highly functioning, totally dependable heating system.

Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

Most people understand the value and necessity of properly maintaining the furnace. It makes sense to schedule comprehensive annual cleanings. Safety comes first, and hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks can easily be avoided.

Your safety inspection should always be performed by a licensed professional. This is the quickest way to secure the safe and effective operation of your HVAC system for the entire winter season. It also gives you the security that it has been done properly, and no dangerous over-sites have been committed.

Why Take Extra Efficiency Steps?

Not everyone welcomes the slow falling flakes and the bitter cold that creates them. Preparing for winter cold can make the difference between a cozy, warm home and the struggle of always wearing more layers because your heated air isn't circulating well enough.

Trusted Aire Serv technicians are waiting to assist you. Many people don't realize the difference made with the simple reversal of your ceiling fans. Hot air always rises, and ceiling fans are uniquely designed to direct air flow exactly where you need it most. When you flip your fan's switch to reverse - the fan moves in a clockwise direction. This updraft allows hot air to get pushed down into your rooms. This is especially useful in rooms with very high ceilings.

Use These Handy Tips to Better Secure Your Home for Winter

Maintaining a regular inspection schedule for your heating system can mean the difference between knowing your family is comfortable and safe, and having to frantically find help in the middle of an unexpected freeze that triggers a breakdown. Unpredictable weather triggers unpredictable results. Always make sure that your furnace will keep you and your loved ones warm and safe by inspecting your heating system regularly.

Aire Serv® Offers Comprehensive Winterization that includes:

  • Inspection of all of your furnace's components
  • A deep, professional cleaning
  • Heightened comfort through adjustment of all necessary controls
  • Complete safety checks that guarantee safe and reliable operation for the whole season
  • Reversal of ceiling fans for winterized air circulation

Aire Servfor Full Furnace Maintenance

Everyone knows that when your furnace is working efficiently, your energy costs stay low.

Every fall you have an opportunity to make sure your furnace is running efficiently, cost effectively and safely by:

  • Checking all the vents to make certain they remain clear to prevent inefficiencies caused by blockages.
  • Checking the thermostat carefully to ensure it continues to work efficiently.
  • Changing the air filters at the beginning of every heating season, as well as every month the furnace is in full use.
  • Always check regularly for gas leaks. Noticing the smell of gas, finding connections that look frayed, worn out or damaged all mean it is time to call a professional for repair before you start up the furnace.
  • If you have an electronic air cleaner, clean the air filter every other month

Call today to establish a regular schedule for your annual tune-up and efficiency inspection with your local Aire Serv technician.