5 Gadgets That Will Help Your Indoor Air Quality

If you’re like most people, you spend a vast majority of your time inside. If you keep your windows and doors tightly closed, being cooped up inside could be bad news for your health. After all, did you know that the EPA has declared indoor air to be many times more polluted than outdoor air? From microbes to chemicals, cooking fumes to dust, indoor air quality suffers for many reasons.

Whether you have asthma or allergies, or you simply want to improve the quality of the air you breathe, consider investing in these five gadgets that will help improve indoor air quality.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are hugely popular today. Their ability to follow programmed settings helps you save energy while you’re away or sleeping without coming home or waking up to an uncomfortable home.

Take this technology one step further with a Wi-Fi thermostat. Wi-Fi capabilities let you control the furnace and air conditioner from anywhere. With the ability to change temperature settings and switch the fan on or off from anywhere, you’re in total control.

The air quality aspect kicks in when it comes to a Wi-Fi thermostat’s safety features. Check your Wi-Fi thermostat to see if it offers you automatic notifications to keep well informed about your home’s air quality.

Whole-House Humidifier

Humidity is a huge factor when it comes to indoor air quality. In the winter, air is much drier and leads to uncomfortable symptoms such as dry nasal passages and itchy skin. Bacteria and viruses also live longer in low-humidity environments.

The key to battle these problems is to install a whole-house humidifier. A whole-house model automatically increases the humidity in every room with no need to fill a water basin or keep adjusting settings. The result is a more comfortable interior and a shorter lifespan for cold- and flu-causing microbes.

Whole-House Dehumidifier

The humidity issue is the opposite in the summer. Your air conditioner works to dehumidify as it cools your home, but it might not be able to keep up if you live in a hot, humid climate.

That’s where a dehumidifier comes in. By lowering indoor humidity in the summer, you discourage mould and dust mites, both of which are common indoor pollutants. You can even save money on mild days when indoor comfortable is possible by running the dehumidifier without the A/C’s help.

Portable Air Purifiers

Asthma and allergy sufferers tend to have a hard time sleeping because of the increased allergens found in the bedroom. A portable air purifier could be the answer to your indoor air quality woes. You can run it while you sleep to filter out tiny airborne particles that make you sneeze.

If you opt for an air purifier, make sure you find one that doesn’t produce ozone as a by-product. This known lung irritant can cause health problems in sensitive individuals.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every home should have at least one carbon monoxide detector on each floor of the home. If you don’t have any built-in devices, you can always install a plug-in model. That way, if your indoor air quality is being compromised by invisible, odorless carbon monoxide, you’ll know it.

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