Fans: Give Your AC's Helper Some Attention

Want to give your air conditioner a much-needed helping hand this hot summer season? Introduce it to a friend. Add the spin of a fan to help your family and your home stay more comfortable as well as save energy and money when the mercury rises.

Fanning the Flames of Friendship  

  • Fans
    While fans such as ceiling and oscillating fans don’t cool the room directly, they can keep you cool with the “wind chill effect.” Moving air across your skin, fans can keep your temperature down – while allowing you to turn the temperature on your thermostat up, saving energy. Your heating and air conditioning system is also designed to work in concert with fans, which circulate air around the room to help your system run more efficiently and suffer less stress. Need a new one? Slow down and read the boxes. They come in varying efficiencies including Energy Star rated models, including a range of noise levels and a wide array of features including wall or remote control and high airflow models.
  • Whole house fans
    Whole house fans help your air conditioner better cool your home by pulling cool air through the house and exhausting warm air through the attic. They use far less energy than your air conditioner – 200-700w compared to the 2,000-5,000. They are best used during cooler periods of the day to reduce air conditioning needs later on. Whole house fans come in two varieties:
    • Ceiling mounted
      Ceiling mounted varieties are installed between your living space and the attic, and exhaust air with the help of an attic fan.
    • Ducted
      Ducted varieties are quieter than ceiling mounted styles, and utilize ductwork to remove air from rooms to the fan for venting directly outside of your home.

Don’t let your air conditioner suffer through a lonely existence. Get it the help it needs with the expert tips and professional maintenance of your friendly area Aire Serv® service technician. Contact us today.

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