Ways to Stay Warm and Toasty in the Home

When the temperatures start to fall, instead of shivering in silence or singing to the tune of “Baby, it’s cold outside”, snuggle up to these stay-warm winter weather tips and tricks from the experts at AireServ®:

Bundle up.

Before you crank up the heat the winter, trying adding another layer. Keeping your core temperature up is essential. Toss on an extra layer or two. Don’t want to look bulky? Many sporting goods stores now carry slim cold weather gear.

Grab a hat.

When outside in cold weather, exposed surfaces, especially the top of the head, cause the body to lose heat. Want an easy way to stay warm? Grab a hat and wear it when you go outside.

Keep toes toasty.

Extremities are at higher risk of hypothermia, so keeping feet warm is important. Choosing sturdy, skid-proof, insulated shoes that keep feet dry are your best defense against winter’s wrath. Putting on an extra pair of socks doesn’t hurt either.

Munch a bunch.

Eating healthy helps you win the fight against colds and flu, and munching healthy snacks can rev up your metabolism and raise your core temperature. Fear fat? Try warmer munchies such as soup, coffee, tea, and spicy food instead.

Avoid alcohol.

Although alcoholic beverages may make your cheeks rosy, they also make you sweat and decrease your ability to shiver – a surefire recipe for dropping your core temperature. Play it safe by avoiding alcoholic beverages when you’re outside in winter months.

Turn on the fan.

Recirculate warm air after it rises to the ceiling by running your fan on its lowest setting in a clockwise direction. This will push warm air back down for you to enjoy.

Get with the program.

Programmable thermostats keep you toasty on a schedule – and save you bucks! You can even control temperatures without leaving your warm spot on the couch with the help of your smartphone.

Staying warm in the winter doesn’t have to be tricky. Aire Serv® can help. Contact us today to learn more about expert heating services and ways you can stay cozy in the chill.