Home Décor Tips to Stay Warm

By Maggie Saint John

As temperatures begin to drop, we find ourselves scrambling to find ways to stay warm. Energy bills spike and suddenly your house is filled with unwanted drafts of winter air. Your home’s décor is superb and stylish and you shouldn’t need to compromise that in order to stay warm.

These decorating tips will help keep you warm and toasty this season while also adding a little flair to your living space:

Thermal Curtains

Whether it’s keeping your energy bill down, insulating your home to keep your family warm, or both, thermal curtains are energy efficient, and a must-have this season. Perfect for sealing in warmth and insulating your home, these curtains are an easy and efficient way to decorate your home. A wide range of styles makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your décor.

A Rug or Carpet

To prevent heat loss through the floor, throw down a stylish rug or carpet. This accessory is warmer to the touch than wood or stone floor, and offers a cozy surface for your feet. Rugs can vary in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Use the rug to compliment your throw pillows, furnishings and décor.

Add Insulation

An easy, yet more costly way to ensure your home stays warm this season is to add insulation in the attic and in crawl spaces. Warm air rises, and many homes lose excessive amounts of heat through the attic without homeowners realizing the repercussions. Insulation is great at filling the gaps, and preventing heat escaping in cooling climates. And not to mention, a well insulated house can save up to 45% more energy for heating and cooling.


No family room is complete without the best, warm and cozy blanket. Throws add the perfect touch and style to any living space. They are an inexpensive and practical solution for warming up your home. Snuggle up with a large blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and good company.

Festive Door Jambs

Sealing under your doors to trap in the warm air is essential during the cooler months of the year. Invest in a festive doorjamb to compliment your holiday decorations. A draft guard will offer double draft protection defeating the gap between your floor and door.


Sometimes all we need to make a space feel warm and snug is a candle burning on the coffee table. Pick a scent to compliment the season and enjoy staying warm and bundled up with family and loved ones.

Have you scheduled a heating system checkup? One way to ensure you stay warm and snuggly this winter is to keep your comfort equipment in tip-top working order with an annual heater maintenance check. To schedule your heating repair and service, contact Aire Serv today.