Air Filters: Finding the Right One

It’s that time again... time to change the air filter! Is your air filter beyond due for a change? Or did you just move into a new home and are in need of a new filter? If you or anyone in your family is susceptible to allergies or you just want to save money on your electric bill, there’s no better time than the present to make a filter change.

As you walk into the hardware store to find the right air filter, beware. You may become overwhelmed with various filter options. To avoid any filter confusion, follow this simple checklist for choosing the right air filter for you and your home:

  • The right size. This can be found on the existing filter or in the manual for your HVAC system. Write this number down to ensure you get the proper size. Having the correct size increases effectiveness and helps lower your electricity bill.
  • The right type. As with many things in life, you have plenty of options. The filters are rated on a MERV scale of 1-16. Do your research and find which filter works best for your system and what is recommended. Below is a simple guide to the different types of air filters.
  • Electrostatic filters: MERV 1-4
  • Throwaway filters: MERV 1-8
  • Cartridge Filters: MERV 5-8
  • Pleated Filters: MERV 5-8
  • Box Filters: MERV 9-16
  • Bag Filters: MERV 9-16
  • The right amount. If you buy replaceable filters, go ahead and buy the entire case. This will save you trips to the hardware store and will make changing the air filter a quick process. It also will ensure that the filter gets changed on schedule as needed.
  • The right placement. This seems insignificant, but it is crucial for your filter’s effectiveness that it is positioned properly into your HVAC system. Follow the arrows on the filter and make sure it is facing the correct direction for proper air flow and filtration.
  • The right length of time. A typical disposable filter will last for about 90 days. If you have a pet, replace the filter every 60 days. These amounts are not set so keep an eye on your filter and change the filter as needed. Set reminders on your cell phone to help ensure that you stay on top of the proper timetable for the replacement of your filter.
  • The right people. If you have any questions about your air filter or your HVAC system, reach out to the experts at Aire Serv®. Their trained professionals are skilled at helping you get the best efficiency out of your HVAC system.

Make sure your air quality is just right in your home with proper and consistent air filter replacement. Contact Aire Serv to schedule an AC assessment today!