Is Your Furnace Working Overtime?

As waves of arctic air repeatedly blast across the U.S. bringing below-normal winter temperatures, you may find yourself among the many homeowners repeatedly headed to the thermostat in the hopes of finding just a tiny sliver of warmth. If your furnace has its nose to the grindstone trying to keep up with heating demands this brutal winter season, lend it a helping hand….

Boost Furnace Efficiency

Boosting efficiency lowers energy bills, which can rack up to half of your utility costs this winter season. How, you ask?

Take Advantage of Technology

Programmable thermostats can automatically turn heat up and down at just the right time so you can come home to a warm home and avoid heating an empty one. It also gives your furnace a break from the constant demands of keeping your home up to temperature.

Keep It Clean

Regular maintenance and the cleaning of necessary components saves energy and money, helps your furnace last longer and improves air quality and comfort in your home.

Deal with Ducts

Leaky ducts can reduce your furnace efficiency by 20 percent or more. Make sure all ductwork is properly connected and sealed and insulate ductwork in unheated spaces.

Give Your Furnace a Little TLC

Proper maintenance also helps your furnace operate efficiently and safely.

Regularly Replace Filters

Replace disposable or clean permanent air filters. Make sure to close the door firmly when you are done or your furnace may not turn on.

Clean the Area

Take care to keep dust, hair, lint, and clutter away from the burner compartment and air intake.

Check for Leaks

Carbon monoxide (CO) can escape improperly operating, blocked, or cracked and leaking gas furnaces. Annual professional inspections and properly operating CO detectors are a must.

Clear the Vents

Ensure the outside vent is clear of snow, ice, animal nests and other blockages. Blocked vents won’t allow the furnace to breathe properly and will affect operation.

Get Professional Help

Annual maintenance from a professional Aire Serv® technician is key to safe, efficient furnace operation throughout the heating season and can help you detect common furnace issues before they result in safety or operational issues.

Ditch the Dinosaur

The thought of replacing your furnace may make you shiver worse than the cold that old relic is leaving you in, but if it’s 15 years old or more, frequently breaking down, and has you headed to the pawn shop to cover utility bills each month, upgrading will cost you less in the long run. Newer furnaces operate at 97 percent efficiency, versus the 65 percent efficiency of older models, saving you energy dollars throughout the life of the furnace.

Furnace costing you time and a half? Contact Aire Serv today.