Repair vs. Replacement

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There comes a time when you must decide whether or not to call the heater / air conditioner repair company one more time, or whether it’s finally the year that you replace your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system entirely. That decision isn’t always clear or easy! There could be “pros and cons” to both options.

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Signs That It Could Be Time to Replace Your System

Heating and cooling systems typically should be replaced after 10 years, while furnaces / boilers typically must be replaced every 15 years. Even if your system is still functioning at these time marks, you will likely see a decrease in efficiency, and resultant spikes in your energy costs. Other signs that you may need to consider replacing your HVAC system or furnace include frequent repairs, strange noises when starting up or running your equipment, and inconsistent warming / cooling.

Our Heating & Cooling Experts Can Help You Make the Right Decision

New systems function better and more efficiently, saving you money. Many come with significant warranties, as well, and are much easier to repair, resulting in lower repair costs down the road. However, if there is still life in your current AC / heater system, repairs could be a good idea. The current rule of thumb is that if the cost for repairing your machine is less than 50% of the overall value of the equipment, it most likely makes more financial sense to opt for repairs—particularly if you are not calling the repairman often.

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For more information about repair vs. replacement of your HVAC system, contact our team of pros. We offer 24 / 7 emergency repair services, so when you need a repair quick, you can always count on us! Plus, we provide free in-home estimates for replacement AC and heater systems, so you can budget accordingly. Call us.

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