Look no further than Aire Serv® when you need high-quality heating and air conditioning services. We have the experience and skills to provide top-tier services for HVAC in Calgary South. At Aire Serv of Calgary South, our HVAC experts pride themselves on consistently delivering outstanding service to all our commercial and residential customers.

Of course, heating and cooling best practices have evolved over time, and Calgary South HVAC services must reflect those changes. Our service professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to maintain and repair modern and older units alike.

Regardless of whether your heating unit is malfunctioning or you’re in the market for a new system altogether, our Calgary heating service experts are ready to help. And when temperatures climb, you can count on our Calgary air conditioning service professionals to bring their expertise to your home or business.

Request a service today with one of our expert Calgary South HVAC service professionals! Enhance your home’s energy efficiency today!

The Experienced Services for HVAC Calgary South Residents Deserve

Don't get caught off guard by unpredictable winters. The last thing you want to deal with during a cold spell is a malfunctioning furnace. Opt for Aire Serv's Calgary South HVAC services to keep your heating system in optimal condition throughout the season.

As we all know, the summers can be oppressively hot, and it's not just the temperature but also the humidity that can make your living space unbearable. When your air conditioning system fails to cool your home adequately, our Calgary South air conditioning service experts will come through with prompt response times, expert repairs, and helpful insights.

You may have HVAC needs beyond heating and air conditioning, and our professionals are here for those requests as well! We offer an extensive range of Calgary South HVAC services, and each one is performed with expertise and a commitment to excellence. But don’t just take our word for it; check what our customers are saying about HVAC services in Calgary South!

Our Services
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Our comprehensive menu of HVAC services encompasses a wide scope of residential and commercial needs, including the following:

  • Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement
  • Radiator Repair and Replacement
  • Furnace Repair and Replacement
  • Boiler Repair and Replacement
  • Humidifier Repair and Replacement
  • Dehumidifier Repair and Replacement
  • Thermostat Repair and Replacement
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Air Filter Installation and Replacement
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Replacement
  • And much more!

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Residential Calgary South HVAC Services

Everyone likes to have a perfectly functioning HVAC system that ensures their indoor comfort, but with Calgary's temperature extremes and unpredictable weather patterns, it's not so much a luxury as a necessity. That's why it can be very frustrating and downright worrisome when you notice problems with your HVAC in Calgary South. From furnace repair and air duct cleaning to air conditioning maintenance or replacement, local homeowners can rely on the team at Aire Serv of South Calgary for all HVAC needs.

Commercial HVAC in Calgary South

As a business owner, you know how crucial it is to have robust HVAC in Calgary South. A malfunctioning commercial HVAC system will quickly lead to uncomfortable customers and unhappy employees and could potentially even force you to stop your business operations until it is repaired and back in usable condition. The far better scenario is to never experience a major unexpected issue with your commercial system at all, and the best way to ensure that it happens that way is routine maintenance from our Calgary South HVAC professionals. Whether you're currently dealing with a breakdown or just want to take preventative steps to avoid any problems that could impact your business success, count on the reliable experts at Aire Serv for commercial heating and cooling services.

24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

There's no time of day or night when you don't need to use your HVAC system—and that means there's no time of the day or night when your HVAC system can't break down and leave you without heating or cooling. That's why we answer the phone 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and will send out an emergency service provider as soon as we can to get your furnace or air conditioner working properly again. In addition to routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements, we offer emergency services. Our 24-hour emergency air conditioning and heating repairs can save the day (or night) when an unexpected breakdown occurs in freezing or sizzling temperatures.

Benefit from our HVAC maintenance services to prevent an emergency from arising. Book a service today and you’ll thank yourself later!

Why Choose Aire Serv for HVAC in Calgary South, Alberta?

By scheduling service with Aire Serv, you’ll undoubtedly get the best Calgary South HVAC near you. Our service professionals are not only experts in the industry but are also members of the communities they serve. They’ll see that you receive outstanding customer care with a genuine hometown touch.

As a proud member of the Neighborly® community of residential service companies, Aire Serv upholds the highest standards of quality. All our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which ensures your satisfaction. So, you can count on being pleased with our Calgary South heating service, air conditioning repairs, and other offerings.

Guaranteed Services for HVAC in Calgary South

No one wants to cope with the aggravating expense and hassle of getting services for their HVAC in Calgary South only to discover a couple of weeks or months later that the work was done incorrectly or poorly, making it necessary to have another repair technician out to handle the results of the first repair. That never happens when you call the trustworthy team of Calgary South HVAC professionals at Aire Serv. We only hire the most dependable and highly skilled professionals. We’re completely confident that they’ll be able to complete your HVAC installation, repair, or tune-up correctly and on time. We care about customer satisfaction. That’s why we stand behind our team with the Neighborly Done Right Promise. If it's not right, we'll make it right!

Transparent, Upfront Pricing

It can be really stressful to hire someone to provide HVAC services only to spend the entire time worrying about how much it will cost to maintain, repair, or install your HVAC in Calgary South. You want to know how much it will cost in advance so you can make sure cooling and heating services won’t put too much strain on your household budget. We eliminate that hassle with free estimates and upfront pricing, so you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing how much the final bill will be before we even begin the job. You can rest assured that we charge by the job rather than the hour, and you’ll never find hidden costs or surprise fees on your final bill.

Trustworthy Service Professionals

When you need services for your HVAC in Calgary South, of course, it's important to find a service provider who is experienced with the task at hand and capable of getting it done properly in a timely manner. But you also need to be assured that the individual who visits your property will treat you with professional courtesy so you can have a safe, worry-free experience. Our team has passed their background checks and is fully insured and bonded. They are committed to always treating you and your property with respect and displaying a friendly, trustworthy demeanor at all times. We take our dedication to outstanding customer service seriously and want to make sure you always feel at ease when we're delivering Calgary South HVAC services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calgary South HVAC Repair and Maintenance

If you have questions about HVAC, South Calgary professionals at Aire Serv are ready and waiting for the answers. Give us a call or contact us online to find out more!

Is Calgary South HVAC Maintenance Really Necessary?

Regular maintenance is essential for the safe and efficient functioning of all HVAC systems. Neglecting regular service appointments can result in an inefficient system, costly repairs, and uncomfortable living and working conditions. By entrusting our Calgary South HVAC experts with routine maintenance, you can extend your system's life, prevent expensive repairs, and ensure optimal heating and cooling performance.

How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance for HVAC in Calgary South?

The frequency at which you should book HVAC maintenance services will naturally vary based on factors such as how often you use your system, the size it, how old the system is, and how bad its current condition is. Here in Calgary, we use the heating portion of our HVAC system for an extended period of time each year compared to usage in warmer climates, which means furnace maintenance in particular is extremely important. Homeowners should consider scheduling an appointment for their HVAC in Calgary South twice per year in the spring and the fall. The shoulder seasons are the times of the year when the weather is relatively mild, and there's less demand on your HVAC, so that's the best time to get professional maintenance handled and make sure they are ready to go for the high-demand seasons of winter and summer.

Can HVAC Repair and Maintenance Services Lower My Energy Costs?

Potentially, yes. There's no doubt that HVAC services can get your system running more efficiently, but whether or not you see a significant difference in the amount of money you have to pay on your energy bills will depend on the current condition of your HVAC system. If your system is new and well-maintained, it's already operating fairly efficiently, and you won't see a huge difference on your bill—but regular maintenance is still a good idea to prevent a steep decline in energy efficiency in the future.

But if your system is older, deteriorated, and not operating efficiently, the right strategy of repair and maintenance for HVAC in South Calgary can make a world of difference for your energy costs. All HVAC systems need to use quite a bit of energy to keep your home at the temperature you have selected on your thermostat, which is generally considered a fair trade for indoor comfort. But as a system ages and suffers wear and tear damage, it loses efficiency and needs more fuel to function, which naturally raises the energy charges on your monthly utility bills. Keeping it in great shape with routine maintenance and the occasional repair will go a long way toward increasing your energy savings and helping you keep money in the bank.

Why Is There an Odour Coming From My HVAC Registers?

If your HVAC system turns on and an unpleasant or downright disgusting smell wafts into the room from your heating or cooling registers, that's a sure sign that you have dirty HVAC ducts that need professional air duct cleaning services. If the smell is musty, it's possible you have some mildew or mold growth inside your ducts, and needless to say, that will severely lower the quality of the air indoors. Breathing in organic spores can lead to serious health issues for your household. If it's a rotting smell, it's likely being caused by a rodent or insect infestation inside the ducts. But if you notice a dry, dusty odor and there's dust on every surface in your house no matter how often and how vigorously you clean, there's a build-up of dust and debris in your ductwork that is likely making allergy sufferers absolutely miserable and lowering the indoor air quality for everyone. Regardless of what's causing the odor, it's important to get it taken care of as soon as possible by calling your local Calgary South HVAC experts at Aire Serv.

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We service and repair all major brands, including:

  • AirEase®
  • Armstrong Air®
  • Daikin®
  • Frigidaire®
  • Honeywell®
  • Payne®
  • York®
  • Amana®
  • Bryant®
  • Ducane®
  • Fujitsu®
  • Lennox®
  • Rheem®
  • American Standard®
  • Carrier®
  • Dunkirk®
  • Goodman®
  • Maytag®
  • Ruud®
  • Aprilaire®
  • Coleman®
  • Heil®
  • Mitsubishi®
  • Trane®

Heating Repair

Aire Serv is committed to providing top-quality heating repair, installation, and maintenance service while ensuring a respectful attitude toward you and your home.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Taking care of your air conditioner is a very important task, especially since you depend on your AC to make your home a more comfortable place to live.

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The Importance of Regular HVAC Repair & Maintenance in Calgary South, Alberta

Regular maintenance is essential for the safe and efficient functioning of all HVAC systems. Neglecting regular service appointments can result in an inefficient system, costly repairs, and uncomfortable living and working conditions.

By entrusting our Calgary South HVAC experts with routine maintenance, you can extend your system's life, prevent expensive repairs, and ensure optimal heating and cooling performance.

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Aire Serv of Calgary South is here for all your HVAC needs. Schedule an appointment with our experienced professionals today, and you can be sure your HVAC system will be in the right hands!

Aire Serv of Calgary South

Choose the best air care services team in your area. When it comes to selecting the most experienced and dependable team for your central air conditioning or heating needs, Aire Serv of Calgary South is the right choice. Schedule an appointment with our experienced professionals today, and you can be sure your HVAC system will be in good hands! We’ll help ensure a more energy-efficient home and consistently comfortable temperatures all year round!

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