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If you don’t ensure that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has clean and properly maintained air filters, you’ll experience system inefficiency, a spike in your energy bills, and diminished indoor air quality. It’s very important to keep your air filters clean! Our experts at Aire Serv explain how to stay on top of your air filter maintenance on the pages below.

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Aire Serve Cares About Better Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe in your home has a direct impact on your health. Contaminants and irritants can lead to adverse health issues ranging from chronic headaches to fatigue to red eyes to respiratory issues to flu-like symptoms. Prolonged exposure to common contaminants found in many homes and businesses can actually increase your risk of heart disease and cancer!

Making sure that your home has quality air is an important part of looking after your overall health and well-being. One component of proper air quality is regularly changing and maintaining your heating and cooling system’s air filters. These filters have been updated over the years; modern versions stop extremely small contaminants from flooding your air and affecting your health. This also means they need to be changed frequently in order to stay affective.

How Often Does My Air Filter Need to be Changed?

For box-type filters, change once per year. For regular filters, it’s important to switch them out every two months—no more than three months should go between changes. If you are interested in installing a specialty filter, speak with your HVAC repair technician at Aire Serv first. Some models can actually damage your equipment if they are not compatible.

If you would like additional information about maintaining / replacing your system’s air filters, contact Aire Serv.

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