Cozy Gift Ideas to Keep Loved Ones Warm

You probably have a friend or family member who always complains about being cold, especially during the winter. Christmas is the perfect time to give this person a cozy gift to keep them warm. Get inspired by these Christmas gift ideas for someone who is always cold.

Decorative Fur Pillow

Sometimes, all a cold person needs is an extra cuddly faux fur pillow for bedtime snuggles. Whether the recipient of your gift chooses to place the pillow on the couch, bed, or armchair, it certainly makes a cozy addition to any room.

Heated Blanket

All types of blankets can keep you warm, but a style with an internal heating element is the most effective, like this Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw. The recipient of your gift just needs somewhere to plug the power cord in, and he or she can enjoy hours of high, medium, or low heat. This safe, convenient heated blanket is machine washable, dryer safe, and features a three-hour auto shutoff function.

Heated Scarf

You can’t very well leave the house with a heated blanket draped over your shoulders, but a battery-operated heated scarf is the next best thing. The scarf features hand pockets lined with a thin heating unit to keep your fingers toasty even when you have to go out in a blizzard. You’ll want to include 3 AA batteries with this Christmas gift idea so the recipient can start using it right away.

Wool Socks

Often the first place a chronically cold person gets chilly is their feet. A pack of merino wool socks with a brushed fleece lining provides the warmth and comfort your loved one needs to make it through winter with all their toes intact.

Puffer Vest

Keeping your core warm is an important part of staving off the cold in the winter. The Columbia Mighty Lite Vest is insulated with polyester and features a thermal reflective interior to help the wearer retain body heat. This allows the vest to keep you warm without the unflattering bulk of other puffer vests.

Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves

One bad thing about Smartphones in cold weather is you must remove your gloves to operate the touchscreen. If your loved one constantly complains about this, give him or her touchscreen-friendly gloves with conductive fibers on the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers. With this gift, your loved one has the power to navigate winter and a Smartphone at the same time!

Heated Car Seat Cover

Getting into a cold car for the morning commute is pure misery, especially when settling into the seat sends a chill up your spine. If your loved one pines for a new car with heated seats, give him or her an upgrade with a universal heated car seat cover. This product plugs into the cigarette lighter to provide a quick heat up time and even temperature distribution on the high, medium, or low setting. A 45-minute timer prevents overheating.

Tea Kettle

Tea, apple cider, and hot chocolate are the top drink choices in the winter. What better gift for someone who is always cold than a whistling tea kettle in his or her favorite color? This handy little kitchen addition allows you to boil water for a hot drink without dirtying a pot. It also makes a darling stovetop accent.

The final tip to keep your loved ones warm this winter is to ensure your furnace is tuned up and ready for another heating season. If it’s time to schedule preventative furnace maintenance, please contact the HVAC professionals at Aire Serv® today. We’ll schedule a convenient visit that works around your holiday plans.