Ways to Decorate Your Home to Make it Cooler

By Spencer Cutright

Each year, it seems like the age-old question of how to keep your home cool in the summer is brought back up. With these simple decoration tips, you can keep your room cooler without breaking the thermostat or the bank.

Add Some Drapes

Adding drapes to windows will keep the heat out and the air conditioning in. Don’t like drapes, add blinds instead.

Change The Light

Turn off ceiling lights, which give off a lot of heat, and use a lamp instead. Go a step further and choose an LED or CFL bulb instead, which give off less heat.

Get Rid of Carpet

Carpet and rugs trap heat that would normally escape through the ground. Replacing carpet with hardwood or tile will keep your home cooler, and can decrease the amount of allergens in your home.

Paint it Up

By painting your wall lighter colors, they absorb less heat and keep your home cooler. Choosing colors like light blue, sea foam green or light pink can add character to any room.

Plant Some Trees

Block sunlight and provide your home with shade, while adding natural beauty.

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