5 Tips to Prepare Fans for Warm Weather

By Maddie Ogletree

Ceiling fans have become quite the adored asset in homes across the country, especially in the South during summertime. So, it should be no surprise that nearly two-thirds of American households contain one, according to HomeEnergy.org. They offer a practical option for homeowners who are looking to decrease their summer electric bills while adding a decorative substitute for standard light fixtures.

With warmer weather finally approaching, now is a great time to clean up and check in on the fans in your home before the heavy heat hits. Here are five tips we have put together to help you prepare your fans for late spring and early summer.

1. Eliminate Dust

Cleaning your ceiling fans after the winter is an easy way to avoid circulating dust in your home. Lay down an old sheet or plastic trash bags below your fan to catch falling debris, and then use a duster to knock off the dust bunnies on the blades. After you get rid of the unsightly dust, be sure to follow up with a damp cloth to clean off any additional mess.

2. Stay Safe

This is also the time to check and see if your ceiling fans’ blades are warped or damaged. You may need to replace your blades in order for the fan to work properly. It’s better to find the damage now than deal with a fan that doesn’t cool you off once summer begins!

3. Change Direction

Change your ceiling fan’s direction so that air is blowing down into the room. Most fans feature a switch on the ceiling fan mount that will change the direction. This will help keep your rooms cooler, and it will also allow you to keep your air conditioner set at a higher temperature. It’s a simple step you can take to reduce your bills this summer!

4. Save Energy

While you’re cleaning your ceiling fan, consider switching out your light bulbs to more efficient ones that will save you energy and put off less heat. LED light bulbs are the better lighting choice when you’re replacing bulbs.

5. Clean Clutter

Clean any portable fans that may have dust built up on their exterior. You’ll want to keep those extra fans clean when you’re cooling off after a long day out in the heat. Make sure you place these fans in an area free of clutter to be safe!

To ensure optimum comfort levels in your home this summer, consider adding a zoning system and ensuring that your ducts are sealed to dramatically reduce energy loss. Your Comfort Company is standing by ready to help!