Save Energy During Holiday Events

By Elisa Voland

The holidays are a time to gather with friends and family and reminisce. The last thing you want to worry about is your rising energy bill this season. We put together some tips on how to have a great time during holiday events while saving energy!

Close the Doors

This seems like common sense, but most people forget to close their garage doors, which can bring in a major draft and cause you to up the thermostat. Designate one door for all guests to go in and out of so you can easily monitor it.

Insulate and Modernize

Make sure the attic and walls are properly insulated. Poor insulation is often the biggest energy-wasting culprit in a home. Old windows are often inefficient and big energy wasters. If possible, modernize windows or at least make sure to seal or cock any areas where the seal is broken or cracked.

Light the Fireplace

Using your fireplace is a great way to save on heating and converse energy. Plus there are so many fun holiday traditions you can do using your fireplace. Your family could make s’mores or popcorn. There is even an English tradition that children send their letters to Santa by throwing them in the fireplace. Make sure to close your flue and your fireplace door when it is not in use so the heat won’t escape from your home.

Lower the Thermostat

If you’re throwing a party, you definitely can lower your thermostat, since the extra body heat will make up for it. The ideal temperature would be between 66 and 70 degrees, depending upon the amount of people in your home.

Visit our website for more ways you can save on your energy bill this season. Your Comfort Company wishes you a happy holiday season with family and friends!