Winnipeg Air Conditioner Repair

Turn to Aire Serv of Winnipeg for Your AC Repair Needs

If you want to beat the heat this summer, Aire Serv can offer you Winnipeg air conditioning repair service. We're your comfort company in Winnipeg, MB, that wants to give your property the right cooling power when the temperatures begin to rise. Regardless of the time or day you need us, we'll offer you service at the same great price.

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Our goal is to make you pleased with every aspect of our service. You'll have the option of requesting an estimate before we start working. We can offer you financing plans and flexible appointment availability. We offer different services that can address a variety of Winnipeg air conditioner repair issues. Some of our service options include:

  • Diagnoses and tuneups
  • Installations and upgrades
  • System maintenance and cleaning
  • Stopping weird noises or vibrations
  • Stopping refrigerant leaks
  • Restoring power to units
  • Replacing evaporator coils
  • Repairing and replacing defective fan motors
  • Repairing and replacing defective compressors
  • Clearing clogged condensate drains

Aire Serv of Winnipeg is a licensed and insured company that can take care of all your air conditioning repair needs. If you live in the Winnipeg area, call today for an appointment or fill out our online form.

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