Power Smart Residential Loan

Power Smart Residential Loan is a convenient and affordable financing option if you want to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home.

The loan covers qualifying upgrades for:

Energy Finance Plan

The Energy Finance Plan is convenient, on-bill financing for upgrades to gas and electrical systems and is available to Manitoba Hydro residential, commercial, farm, and seasonal properties.

Financing through the Energy Finance Plan is available for:

  • upgrades to electrical service entrance and panel board equipment;
  • natural gas piping, venting, delivery, permit cost, and taxes;
  • central air conditioning systems (must have a minimum seasonal energy efficient ratio [SEER] of 13.0);
  • electric/conventional natural gas water heaters (electric must meet CSA C-191 standard);
  • electric and natural gas furnaces/boilers for seasonal, farm, and commercial customers;
  • combination heating systems;
  • unit heaters (natural convection, forced air, or forced air infrared);
  • direct vent natural gas fireplaces (built-in and free-standing);
  • gas pool heaters;
  • permanently installed electronic air cleaners (the use of any plug-in type of power adapter is not allowed);
  • permanently installed humidifiers (hard-wired);
  • permanently installed dehumidifiers (hard-wired);
  • permanently installed air purifiers (hard-wired);
  • air source heat pumps;

Go to Manitoba Hydro’s website for more information.

How to apply

We (A registered program supplier) will work with you to determine if your project is eligible for financing and will help you complete the loan application.

Please call us (204) 809-4168 for Free Estimate for New Equipment

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