Energy Saving Tips

Your Utility Bills Should Be As Comfortable As Your Home!

The tips on this page will not only help you save on your monthly energy bills, they’ll also help you save the environment. Conservation is an increasingly important topic in many households across Canada. At Aire Serv, we want to partner with you in this goal. We understand that protecting our natural resources is an important step in protecting future generations. We want our children to grow up in a healthy, beautiful world. That’s why the choices we make today matter.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Heating & Cooling System

Proper efficiency ensures that your heating and cooling system works smoothly and seamlessly, without burning unnecessary energy and subsequently costing you excess energy dollars. When things are as they should be with your heating and cooling units, your energy costs stay consistent and your HVAC system is able to do its job in heating and cooling your house.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your heating and cooling system’s efficiency:

  • Schedule a maintenance visit. Did you know that an annual professional maintenance tune-up can vastly improve the function and efficiency of your heating and cooling system? Arrange a Total Comfort Tune-Up with our crew from Aire Serv. Plan a regular maintenance schedule for maximum efficiency.
  • Pay attention to seasonal needs. You can arrange a system that works for you and allows you to save money on your heating and cooling costs. For example, opening your windows at night and closing them in the morning can keep your home cool in some climates during the summer. Augmenting your AC usage with whole house fans or small fans can also be a helpful strategy.
  • Check your home’s sealing and other factors. An expert can help you evaluate the overall efficiency of your home; issues such as proper sealing, ducting, insulation, zoning, and so on. A programmable thermostat can help, and a professional energy audit can give you valuable insight into how you can achieve energy savings.

What Else Can I Do to Save Energy?

Some of the tips our team can cover with you include:

  • Installing a programmable thermostat
  • Setting up a zoning system
  • Installing a whole house fan and / or an attic fan
  • Changing your thermostat’s settings
  • Scheduling an energy audit
  • Changing the direction of your fans; counter-clockwise in summer, clockwise in winter

Our heating and cooling experts can answer your questions and help you address energy efficiency in your home. Contact Aire Serv. To take the first step towards accomplishing your energy saving goals!

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