How to Prevent Mold in Humidifiers

How to Prevent Mold in Humidifiers

Sure, you love your humidifier, but when was the last time you cleaned it? An uncleaned humidifier may quickly become home to mold, spreading germs and spores throughout your home.

Read on to learn how to keep mold at bay in your home humidifier.

What Is a Humidifier?

A home humidifier is a device designed to put moisture into the air—providing much needed relief from dry, itchy skin and creating indoor air that feels warmer and is easier to breathe. Humidifiers are invaluable to individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma. However, if there’s mold growing inside, the humidifier may do more harm than good.

Humidifier Mold Prevention: How to Prevent Mold in Humidifiers in Your Home

The best way to prevent mold in your humidifier is through regular, weekly cleanings. Nearly all humidifier manufacturer’s recommend thorough cleanings each week or, at a minimum, once a month.

Cleaning your humidifier is quick and easy. Keep your humidifier clean by:

  • Emptying the unit of any water.
  • Rinsing the unit with hot water and white vinegar.
  • Scrubbing the interior of the unit with a soft-bristled brush to remove any scales or mold buildup.
  • Rinsing the unit with hot water.
  • Allowing the unit and all components to air-dry completely before reassembling.

What to Put in the Humidifier to Prevent Mold

There are a number of additions you can make to your humidifiers water chamber to help protect against mold and scaly buildup. Remember, by design, a humidifier is wet and warm, ­an ideal habitat for mold growth.

Adding one of the following additives to your humidifier will help protect against mold growth between cleanings:

  • Tea tree oil
    A natural disinfectant, a few drops of tea tree oil in the humidifier water will not only prevent mold growth, but also serve as a breathing aid for people with respiratory illness or asthma. Tea tree is an essential oil distilled from the Melaleuca plant, which possesses antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.
  • Humidifier tablets
    You can purchase these tablets online or in a local store. They are designed to prevent mold growth and lime buildup inside the humidifier. Simply drop one tablet along with the appropriate amount of water inside the reservoir.
  • Hydrogen peroxide
    One of the least expensive options for preventing mold in the humidifier, hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and mold. Just a few drops into the water reservoir will get the job done.
  • White vinegar
    Add one cup of white vinegar to the water in your humidifier to prevent mold growth. It’s a naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial substance that is safe for the air and for your humidifier.

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