The Boiler Room: The Scariest Room Ever

Boiler room with text: " Boiler Room: The Scariest Room Ever"
As a small child, the boiler room in homes and buildings was always an ominous place; I realized it wasn’t the place I wanted to be if I was in a scary movie. Since I have gotten older, I learned that paranormal investigators agree with that as well.

Historically, the boiler room is a room in the home (typically found in the basement) that is used for electrical/plumbing/HVAC storage. This is also the room where the hot water heater is stored. Many children (and sometimes even adults) find this place scary because of the weird noises and darkness associated with this room.

There are many reasons this room is feared and gives some chills. Here are a few examples of paranormal investigators finding some scary things in this creepy room:

  • The Boiler Room at the Rogers Hotel: This eerie boiler room is located at the Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, Texas. Paranormal investigators went to study this boiler room in the haunted hotel to see what was happening. In their pictures, they described seeing more “orbs” in their photos in that room.
  • Dwyer Middle School boiler room: This story from the Los Angeles Times outlines some students who went down to the boiler room of their school where a former vice principal “haunts” the space. The middle school, located in Huntington Beach, was built in the 1930s and is still in operation today.
  • Historic Hotel Bethlehem: Francis Thomas who was the town’s guide haunts the boiler room at this hotel, located in Bethlehem, Pa. The ghosts in this hotel are said to be friendly; and there is even a “Room with a boo!”

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