Four AC Myths Busted

four ac myths busted
Don’t make the wrong decision with your air conditioner or end up spending money you don’t have to because you fell for an air conditioning myth you heard or read somewhere. The professionals at Aire Servexplain the common AC myths people assume are true about their air conditioning or how to save money over the summer.

Myth #1: Ceiling fans keep rooms cool

Why it’s a myth: Ceiling fans have no real effect on the temperature of a room. People often think ceiling fans cool rooms because they feel cooler when the fans are on. What makes people believe this is the air moving across their skin makes them feel cooler. This does not mean the room is cooling. Since it doesn’t cool the room, turn off the fans when you leave the room and save on your electric bill.

Myth #2: Air conditioning units perform the same no matter where they are installed

Why it’s a myth: The location of the unit can have an effect on its performance. Place the unit away from direct sunlight. The best locations, in general, are on a homes North and East sides.

Myth #3: Unless something is wrong, you don’t need to inspect your air conditioning system

Why it’s a myth: Preventative maintenance is always the best way to prevent a problem. By inspecting your air conditioner and replacing filters, you can ensure your system will run great all season long. As the summer progresses perform routine maintenance and periodically check for things that could be wrong. For a professional diagnosis and preventative maintenance contact a professional HVAC technician.

Myth #4: A room cools quicker by setting the thermostat lower than your ideal temperature

Why it’s a myth: because air conditioners always cool at the same rate, so there is no benefit to setting the temperature to 60 degrees when you want it to be 70. It will reach 70 at the same rate no matter how quickly you want to cool your home. Most only operate on a set speed, but some units do offer low, high and medium settings. Don’t be fooled by air conditioning myths. Save money and make your system run great all season long with the true answers to these myths. Aire Serv wants you to save money and be prepared to handle hot summer days.