Ideas For Updating Your Air Vent Covers

update your air vent covers text and picture of air vent cover
You finally have all the finishing touches to your newly decorated entryway or living area, and you’re completing one last run-through to ensure everything is in its proper place. And yet, you halt midway at the sight of the air vent smack dab in the middle of your gorgeously painted and wallpapered wall. What a rude interruption! You sigh and think to yourself: “if only that wasn’t there, the room would be perfect!” Did you ever think of the possibility of disguising the vent and transforming it to be beautiful along with the rest of your treasures and trinkets? What a wonderful idea. Here are five ways you can alter the air intake vent into a lovely addition to your home’s décor.

1. What an incredibly innovative and inexpensive idea this is! This is featured on Debbie Doo’s blog under her DIY projects. She used metallic copper Rust-oleum to spray paint a rubber doormat to create a cover for the air vent. The finished product is absolutely stunning. Visit her blog for the final details.

Air vent cover ideas
Photo courtesy of Debbie Doo's

2. It’s debatable whether an air vent looked any cuter or better disguised to be apart of this photo gallery along the staircase. If you like incorporating a vintage flair into your décor, this project is certainly for you. Find an old wooden shutter from a garage sale or other resale store and pick up the perfect paint you want to use. Cut the shutter to fit the area before painting, and voila, you have an amazing air vent cover.

Cute painted air vent cover
Photo courtesy The Friendly Home

3. The Sister Sophisticate blog features this wooden hutch as a more extravagant option for covering the vent. You can either build it yourself or purchase one. See the blog for the amazing end product.

Rustic air vent cover
Photo courtesy of The Sister Sophisticate

4. Purchase some sheet metal, paint and wooden trim from your local hardware store. Using tin snips, cut the sheet metal to fit over your vent. It will fit in with your baseboards nicely, and you’ll forget it was even there in the first place.

DIY air vent cover
Photo courtesy The Friendly Home

5. You’d never guess that this DIY air vent cover only cost $12.50 and was made from a few yardsticks! It makes this area look clean, simple and chic. For the complete how-to, visit the Addicted 2 Decorating blog.

Another DIY air vent cover
Photo courtesy Addicted 2 Decorating