Mini-Split Myths You Should Stop Believing

Unless you're an expert in something, it’s not uncommon to believe things that are generally trusted as truth, even if they aren’t. When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, there are a lot of false ideas about mini split heating and cooling systems. In order to really be on the up and up, these are some mini-split myths you should stop believing.

Mini splits are only good for new construction.

While they are great option to take advantage of in new construction, mini split systems are still a great choice when upgrading or adding a new HVAC system to your existing home.

Mini splits hurt your home's air quality.

This is a big myth. Like duct-based systems, mini splits also have air filters that capture harmful air particles in your home.

Mini splits completely eliminate energy loss.

We’ve mentioned how duct-based systems can sometimes waste energy since heat and air can escape through cracks in the ducts, but no system is perfect. While mini-splits lose much less energy than duct systems, they still present some energy loss as they work. It's just reality.

Mini splits provide uneven cooling.

Since mini-splits typically cover only a room or two, when installed correctly and sized properly, they still push air evenly throughout that space.

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