Benefits of a Ductless Heating System

In the words of Tracy Chapman, “the times they are a changin’.” Throughout the years, home heating has evolved from wood-burning fireplaces to radiators to, most recently, ductless heating systems. While they do the same job, there are many more sought after benefits of a ductless heating system as compared to traditional forced-air units.

They’re less likely to leak or be compromised.

Because they only require a small (roughly one- or two-inch) hole to be drilled into the wall, ductless systems are far less likely to leak or pose a security threat to your home. They’re also not as large as other forced-air systems, producing less noise and making them more visually appealing.

They’re more energy-efficient.

The average home today loses 25% or more of their energy through ductwork. Simply removing the ducts now keeps almost all of that energy in your home where it belongs. Plus, ductless systems also have compressors, which operate faster or slower based on your home’s needs.

They save you money.

While a ductless system itself can be more expensive than a traditional alternative, you’ll enjoy big savings in other areas of your home. All of the energy you’re now saving means your utility bill will be significantly lower. Over time, your unit will essentially pay for itself.

They’ll leave you breathing happier and healthier.

Studies show that the quality of indoor air is often worse than the quality of outdoor air, thanks to things like pet dander, dust, and smoke moving throughout and becoming trapped in ducts. It’s because of this that traditional radiators and air ducts need to be cleaned regularly. Ductless systems, on the other hand, don’t have ducts for debris to become trapped in and have multiple filtration shields.

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