How You’re Killing Your Indoor Air Quality

If you want to take care of your body and keep it healthy, you typically eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Now here’s our question — why don’t you take the same care when it comes to your indoor air quality? You may think you are, but there are actually a bunch of ways you’re killing your indoor air quality, potentially without even knowing it.

You Let Gas Leaks Go Unchecked

While it’s not always easy to detect gas leaks, especially carbon monoxide leaks, it’s vital that you do. Not only can gas leaks risk fires and explosions in your home, but breathing in gas can have dangerous effects on your health.

You Use Scented Candles

Unless they’re naturally made, candles usually contain chemicals that are used to achieve a certain smell. Not only can the chemicals be harmful to your health, but scents, in general, can irritate your allergies.

You Allow Too Much Moisture in Your Home

Whether it be from rain making it into your home or too much moisture staying in your bathroom after a shower, too much humidity in your home allows mold to grow — and we all know mold can have harmful effects on your indoor air quality and health.

You Use Store-Bought Cleaning Products

Store-bought cleaners are filled with dozens of chemicals that are harmful to your respiratory system, hormone system, and skin, amongst other things. Whenever possible, opt for natural cleaning products or make your own.

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