Oakville Heater Replacement Services

Oakville residents know that their furnace is their home’s heart that keeps them safe and comfortable. We need our heating and cooling systems in their best shape to adequately perform their jobs during our distinct seasons in Canada. Often, we take our systems for granted without considering their age and the fact that they would benefit from maintenance services. That’s not until they fail us at the most inconvenient time of the year.

We aim to help you understand your heater’s technicalities so that you learn some troubleshooting basics and know when to call for professional help.

At Aire Serv of Halton, your heater professionals have helped many Oakville residents get their HVAC systems in gear. We are proficient at our job, from professional Oakville furnace installation service to heater replacement and AC services.

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Is Your Oakville Heater in Need of Replacement or Repair?

Many clients are unsure if their existing heater can be fixed or if they require heater replacement service. To make that decision, we need to conduct a thorough inspection of how old your heater is and how much a potential repair would cost. Suppose your unit is 10 years old and only needs minor parts replaced. In that case, we will ask you more questions to ensure it doesn’t show other signs of potential defects. If signs indicate that your unit won’t make another five years, we will tell you. On the other hand, a 15-year-old unit would be approaching its expected lifespan.

Routine maintenance is part of our preventative solutions and will help extend your heater’s lifespan. Services include:

  • Air Duct and Vent Cleaning
  • Air Filter Change
  • Burner, Fan Motor, Flue Inspection
  • De-Clogging
  • Refrigerant Lines Check
  • And Much More!

Warning Signs You Need Heater Replacement or Repair

We understand when Oakville homeowners get worried about their home’s most important units. Telltale signs of poor performances and other technical issues aren’t likely to go away on their own. But if there is anything that jeopardizes your safety, comfort and energy bill, it will be beneficial to address it right away.

Heater Cycling On and Off

You might wonder why your unit keeps shutting off without completing a cycle. This issue is called “short cycling,” and it’s often due to the following culprits:

  • Low Airflow
  • Dirty Air Filters: They are designed to catch dust and allergens to improve air quality in your home. Over time, they will become clogged if you don’t replace them. Some units have a safety feature and won’t start if you have a clogged air filter, whereas others continue to work to the extent that they overheat. Experts recommend exchanging it at least once or twice a year. (That’s if you don’t have allergies!)
  • Dirty Blower Fan Motor: If you don’t change your air filters, your blower fan (or blower wheel) will also collect unpleasant dirt on its blades, making it more difficult to pull air from your home and push heated air back. If you don’t clean it, it will eventually break.
  • Closed or Blocked Vent: Even if the vents are closed, your system still distributes the same amount of air through the ducts. This could build pressure in the system, forcing your heating system to work harder or even shut off. As a rule of thumb, all vents should be open, even in unused rooms—just a gap will help balance airflow throughout your home.

Faulty Thermostat

When your heater acts up, it’s likely the thermostat—a tricky device that controls your entire HVAC system. It’s worth going over the settings and seeing whether it has reset itself. For effective heating, it should be set to “AUTO,” not “ON.” ON will cause the blower to run non-stop, whereas AUTO will work along with heat distribution.

Other thermostat issues include drastic temperature fluctuations, incorrect temperature readings or old wiring. If you notice no signs of damage in your overall HVAC system except for a spike in your energy bill, simply replacing your old thermostat might solve the issue.

Corroded Flame Sensor

Carbon buildup from the flame (pilot light or burner light) can cause the flame sensor to corrode over time. This leads the furnace to shut down because it can’t detect the flame. It’s called safety ignition lockout—a safety feature designed to prevent your HVAC system from pumping dangerous gas into your home.

Why Choose Aire Serv of Halton for Heater Replacement Services in Oakville?

Our professionals at Aire Serv of Halton provide high-quality installation, repair and maintenance services. We’re dedicated to our Oakville clients who have relied on our expertise and have continued to do so over the years.

Heater replacement and installation is one of our specialties. Our experienced heating technicians can install gas, electric and oil furnaces and boiler and heat pumps according to your needs. We understand it’s important to have energy-efficient systems that help lower our carbon footprint and energy bills.

Frequently Asked Questions about Heater Replacement Services in Oakville

Oakville residents have received expert advice from Aire Serv’s pros, and we want to share it with you. Make sure to use these questions to ensure you are getting the right HVAC professional to service your heating and cooling systems.

Our goal is to ensure you are safe in your home with a well-balanced heating and cooling system. Here is what homeowners should inquire about Heater replacement services:

How much does Oakville Heater Replacement Service Cost?

We fully understand that every homeowner in Oakville needs to calculate their budget before they make a big decision, such as installing a new heating system. Understanding unit costs and labour is important, which is why we put high emphasis on communicating with you first and assessing your needs.

For peace of mind, Aire Serv offers transparent upfront pricing with no overtime fees. No one wants to wait for a service bill with hidden fees.

What’s a Furnace’s Life Expectancy?

Standard ones can operate for 15 to 20 years. If yours is 25 years and still running, we recommend strict monitoring. It’s extremely rare that they make it to 30.

Do I Need a Dual Burner?

Depending on your home’s size, we can find the ideal burner for you. For instance, if you have a big property, a dual burner will heat larger volumes of air.

What’s the Difference Between a Furnace and a Boiler?

A furnace circulates hot hair throughout your home, whereas a boiler circulates hot water via radiators. They both have their pros and cons and have their price differences. We can certainly walk you through their energy efficiency qualities.

Does Furnace Size Matter?

Yes. Imagine a big furnace in a small place, it will go on and off quickly, which is an unhealthy imbalance that causes short cycling.

On the other hand, a small one in a large space will have the furnace operate continuously to heat every space in your home. This will cause early wear and tear on your heating system.

Furthermore, both variants will drive up your energy bill.

Do I need Professional Furnace Cleaning Service?

When temperatures go below 10 degrees Celsius after summer, our first instinct is to turn on the heater. We will first notice dust and allergens in the air due to inactivity. Sometimes, harmful debris can cause health problems, making us vulnerable to colds and viruses.

If you schedule an annual appointment with a specialist, they will conduct necessary furnace cleaning services, ensuring your vents, ducts and blower are in decent condition. This way, you can rest assured your air circulation is optimal.

Do You Provide 24/7 HVAC Emergency Services?

Our priority is your safety. Therefore, we are proud to announce our 24/7 heating and cooling emergency services for Oakville residents and throughout Halton. We are committed to clean air and healthy lives and will tackle your HVAC issues any time of the day, providing 24/7 emergency services.

Need Heater Replacement Services in Oakville or Nearby? Count on Aire Serv of Halton!

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Call us today to request a service appointment or chat with our friendly staff about any HVAC system services you need for your home. Your safety and comfort are our priority. We’ll help with everything from heater replacement services to AC maintenance.

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